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Hi! I like to draw, lets just hope I also like writing stories too. Follow my Tumblr! http://kulhiddenstache.tumblr.com/


Belated "Show is Ending" lamentations, and a bit more fanart. · 7:40pm Sep 1st, 2019

As much as I'd like to keep that "OFFLINE last Seen December 2017" thing going on my profile, I know I'm gonna end up here again, especially with apparently the series ending, even if I happen to know it very, very late.

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I have your location. You live on the kul-de-sac.


Cool. I'm really curious about where you would take Rise Again. I can dig the writing style, makes everyone sounded different. Looks like there's still some good come out from anon-a-miss stories.

Hello, you! I'm me and I like your art. Thanks for the comment!

Only if you draw more Wally!
nah imma do it anyway but I figure I may as well be a twerp about it qB^)


It's cool, I had finished The Time We Have Left, just didnt want to left any memento there lol. However, like I said in that Wallflower meme, that fic is majorly one of the reason I wont draw extreme drawings for her. You did enough damage there, so let me try to save her in my future drawings lol. Let Sunny Flare be the brunt of my ideas I guess. That being said, update Hollow pls :)

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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