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Hi! I like to draw, lets just hope I also like writing stories too. Follow my Tumblr! http://kulhiddenstache.tumblr.com/


Belated "Show is Ending" lamentations, and a bit more fanart. · 7:40pm Sep 1st, 2019

As much as I'd like to keep that "OFFLINE last Seen December 2017" thing going on my profile, I know I'm gonna end up here again, especially with apparently the series ending, even if I happen to know it very, very late.

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Where can I reach your artwork? nereden...

I have your location. You live on the kul-de-sac.


Cool. I'm really curious about where you would take Rise Again. I can dig the writing style, makes everyone sounded different. Looks like there's still some good come out from anon-a-miss stories.

Hello, you! I'm me and I like your art. Thanks for the comment!

Only if you draw more Wally!
nah imma do it anyway but I figure I may as well be a twerp about it qB^)

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