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Gale Maze

Everything I say is satire and I cannot be held accountable for anything.


Kyle Rittenhouse has been released on bail! · 12:34am Nov 21st, 2020

As the title says. Goddamn is this the best news of 2020. And I meant to post the following message months before today, but I suppose this is a good time as any for a polite request.

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"What's with the ALLCAPS, Gale Maze?" and other questions that may not ever be asked but I'm gonna answer them here to push my Bravely Second review off my page [severely outdated don't read] · 8:40am Feb 4th, 2017

Whew. Say that title five times fast, I dare you.
also don't read this, I need to update this

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You've made a terrible mistake.

Is that purplish-intrigued, or orangish-intrigued?

I have come, simply because of your name. Color me intrigued.

One of these days. And holy shit I can't wait.

Are you gonna write something again?

btw I'm writing something with Apollo Justice in it. Figured you'd love to know. =)

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