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hi I'm jakkid166. I live in Equestria and write about th things that happen there.

things people said about me and my stories

"The funny thing is that this story actually has better beats and narrative drive than a lot of the stagnant, meandering shit you see elsewhere. Super compelling. You've earned a lifetime reader for sure."
- An intricate Disguise

"What makes jakkid's stories so great is that they know just how stupid they are, and will sometimes call out their own bullshit, despite the main character's constant assurances that he is the best at everything, especially at being a detective."
- Presentperfect

"really good job, write more plz"
- Sonic_RainbowDash2005

"Forget Galeem, this man is the light of the universe."
- Thought Prism

"Truly, jakkid166 is the greatest writer of our time. Like, I don't even know why I bother trying to compete."
- also Thought Prism

"I repeat, this is art. Wonderful throughout."
- Carabas

"Maybe there is a god"
- Boof Man

"This guy is the best author I ever am."
- me

"If someone has written a better work of fiction, tell them to stop lying."
- TheWraithWriter

"*sob* whhyyyyyyy"
- Boop-Happy Lass

Latest Stories

About me

I am jakkid166, known for real life as Detective jakkid166 the greatest Detective in the world. I'm known for being famous and going on adventures with Twilight and the pony gang, and I here write stories to you people about the stuff I do with them (but not all of them really happened though. only some of them.)

If you have a idea for a story I want to write, tell me in the coments and I will probably not write it but I might.

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this man is god incarnate


theres no char icon because on that server he is only ini swap. but you ca use my avatar as icon

There is something missing with your character for that server... where is your char_icon.png file? I was gonna use your character in some random cases in another server. And maybe do a random case about the murder of Spike. Your character will be a witness and the defense will be Twilight herself(more specifically K Twilight, the one who has a keyblade). I will do a case info for this case. And maybe record it for youtube. Also maybe I'm gonna create my own character for the Equestria Enforecers Rebirth server. And maybe make your character available for others to use publicly and not ini-swap only.

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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