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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.


This story is a sequel to The Fall of Detective jakkid166

One year have passed. Ponyville is normal and not in chaos or anything, but the ponies miss the person who was once call the greatest detective in the world...

And so, on an important day of ponyville, Twilight, Applejack, and Dick America all set out to try and locate the location of where Detective jakkid166 relocated to. On they way they will face scary things like BAD GUYS and TRAPS and CLUES! A big story abot friendship and loss and loyalty, The Search for Detective jakkid166 is sure to bring you to your toes in this story from Pony New York Times best selling author jakkid166.

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This is a holiday gift I can get behind.

If jakkid166 dies, I’m fucking killing my aunt and shitting on my cat.

RCL-featured author jakkid166 knocks it out of the park once again.

But then he can't arrest you for those crimes

Well that certainly was a year-long wait between chapters, so. Description checks out!

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