• Published 20th Dec 2020
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The Search for Detective jakkid166 - jakkid166

One year since jakkid disappear, Twilight is tired of pony ville having a sickness called "Detective jakkid166 not being there" so she finally set out to find him so he can detective again once and for all!

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A Flight to remember

Meanwhile, in a land that is not Equestria but far, far, far ,far, far, far, far, far, far away, a stirring of echo and noise and stuff things came from the deepened caverns. A pony who has 4 legs was running down the halled way, but he was actually carrying stuff in 3 of his legs so he was running on just 1 leg but its fine because hes a good runner and won the Silver medal in the Pony Olympics last year. (that is because i won gold. but thats also dumb because twilight won platinum.)

the pony entered the Big Room of Ominosness as the torch fire iluminated his face and also burned it a little. But the people who run this evil lair were using tobaco as torch fuel so he also got a good Nicotine Rush. "Sir! I have news! Well actually just one new."

"Can it wait?" said the big Boomering voice of a human man who sat in a big throne of swords that kind of looked like that one from Game of Thrones. He leaned onto his desk and look at the pony with a glare of madding angerness that peerced his soul like a pencil through milk. He pull one of his airpods out to hear what the pony had to say at him. "This beter be good. I am building resources for our evil plot, and cannot afford stinky ponies to disturb me."

"I am sorry sir I do not wish to disturbance you," said the pony. "Hows the resource building coming along anyway?"

"It is going along well," the man said as he look down at his laptop screen. "I am Twitch Streaming to raise funds! It works cause the people donate in bits and bits are what ponies use for curency."

"That is sexcellent to hear sir," sayed the pony. "Anyway, my news. We have found intel on the location of the one and only... Detective jakkid166."

"WHAT?" the man bellowed out of his beard loud enough to create sound. "Wait one second." and he look back down at his screen. "Thank you Bootyshit46 for the 50 bit donation."

"It is true sir," said the pony. "I got the info mation straight from Admiral Tran Station. They are now on route to Coldland, aboard Horse Airlines. We are deploying the Search Party, the Arresting Party, and the Mario Party."

"Hell to the yes," said the white bearded man. "That is totally radical dude. Keep this up and you MIGHT get a 2% raise next year."

"Thank you sir you are so generous," said the pony becaus he was brainwashed. (not by the man, but by society into acepting unethical employer practices.) "Will there be anything else?"

"No. Begone, I need to finish Dark Souls 3 on streem or else my viewers will laugh at me."

"Very well... Father."


"Boy oh boy," said Dick America as he relaxed in his plane window seat he had to fight Twilihgt for. "It is a good thing equestria invented airplanes. It skips like so much adventure we wold have to have otherwise."

"I agree," sayed Twilight while she was tryin to ignore the idiot kid kicking her seat behind her. "Ow"

"Yeah partner this is pretty easy," said Applejack. "Just three more hour and we'll be at Coldland! Good thing we picked Horse Airlines so we could afford to not get thrown outta the plane for not having tickets."

"How about we put on a in flight moovie?" said Dick America and he opened the stash of provided movies on VHS. "Wow look, they have Titanic 2!"

"Do they have movies about apples," said Applejack.

"Uhhhh" said Dick America and he pulled out the movie Steve Jobs. "Sure."

"Yeehaw partner!" said Applejack and she shoved the VHS into her ipad and started watching it.


"Attention hut!" barked Admiral Tran Station to his soldiers. Except his soldiers dont speak dog so he said it again but in english instead of barking it. "Search party! Sound off!"

"Aye eye, sir!"

"Arresting party, sound on!"

"Eye, sir!"

"Mario party, sound!"


"Right," shouted Tran Station as he begin to speech his soldiers. "You three parteys are the most important armies in Equestria today! You will have one mission and one mission only: Find Detective jakkid166, and bring him to Father!"

"What about the othere mission," said one of the Search Party people.

"Oh right," said Station. "Make sure to pick up milk on the way back befor these Wal-Mart coupons expire."

All the parties CHEERED and WAR CRIED! but then they got shushed by the other ponies on the plane.


"Oh my god I am going to piss my shit," said Twilight. "First this stupid kid is kicking my seat and now there is jerk holes SHOUTING back there? Someone kill me by putting a cockroach in my ear so it eats my brain." and the kid kicked her seat again. "OW!"

"Relax Twilight," said Dick. "True detective mind must be able to tune out all the surroundings so you dont go cucoo crazy and murder everyone around you."

"Yeah well im NOT a detective!" said Twilight and she jumped up and looked at the kid. "Stop kickin my seat you Roblox player!" and then the kid started crying.

"HEY!" said the kids mom. "Dont call my kid that you asshole!"

"Then learn to teach your kid to learn how to behave in public!"

"Dont tell me how to raise my kid!"

"i am the FUCKING PRINCESS OF FRIENDSHIP i WILL tell you how to raise your kid you Mother Fucker which means you fuck yourself!" and she started to climb over the seat to fight her but Dick grabbed her.

"TWILIGHT thats enough!" said Dick. "Ok I will give it to you she is a bad parent but we do not want to cause a scene! Remember we is on a very important secret mission. You can beat someone up later"

"Oh fiiiiiiiine" said Twilight and she cross her arm legs.


"Now we will recite the official Father's Army musical number anthem," said Tran Station. "And a one and a three and a- wait what the fuck?" he said as he spin his head around to notice a purpl horse yelling her lungs out. "Holy jesus why is that pony yelling at some kids mom?"

"Wait sir," said an arresting party pony. "Thats the Princess of Friendship!"

"Really? said Tran Station. "How do you know"

"Because she just screamed it."

"Huh youre right," said Station. "Isnt Twilight Sparkle the princess of frendship?"

"Thats right," said a search party pony. "Shes one of detective jakkid166's closest frends! And look! His adopted cousin Dick America is with them too!"

"Hey im here too!" shouted Applejack back at them.

"What ar they up to..." said Station. "Wait. We're all on our way to Coldland... could they also be trying to find Detective jakkid166?"

"Yes no maybe I don't know can you repeat the question!" said a Search party pony. "We should sneakily investigate and find out."

so Tran Station snucked up behind the seats of the three and sat down by the kid and his mom. He tryed to peek around and saw Applejack's movie with the Steve Jobs movie credits playing.

"Aha," said Station and he peeked at it. "These names on the screen must be all the people they ar working with in their plan!" and he got out his Galaxy Note 10 phone and started noting down. "Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen, Kate Winslet..."

But then the idiot kid peeked over and said "Hey do you have games on your phone?"

"Yeah why?" said Station.

"Lemme play im bored!"

"What the fuck I dont know you why wold I let you play my phone??" said Station and he kept trying to take notes.

"HEY!" said the mom. "Dont fucking swear in front of my kid! Let him play your phone!"

"Youre his mom why cant he play YOUR phone?"

"Becaus I need it to buy NFTs!" she said and the whole plane laughed at her

"GIMME THE PHONE!" said the kid and he reachd for Station's phone but he reached it away and the kid kept trying to get it and Station was saying "HEY stop it you dumbass kid I am doing importat business here!" and they got into scuffle and they were flailing was legs around and Station accidentally kicked the back of Twilights seat really hard.

"GRRRRRRRRRR!" GRRRRed twilight and she LEAPED from her seat behind her and started fighting the mom. So now Tran Station was fighting the kid and Twilight was fighting the mom and they were getting rowdy and distracting all the passengers!

The flight attendant came over to the ones fighting and said "Would any of you like peanus or soda today?"

The four stopped fighting for a second. "No im fine," said Twilight.

"Im good," said Station.

"Yeah no thanks," said the mom.

"I want a soda!" said the kid.

"No you cant have a soda," said the mom. "Soda makes you pee and youre not old enough to pee yet."

"GRRRRRR!" said the kid and he stopped fighting Station and he went to fight the mom instead! And the fight RE IGNITED and the kid and twilight were now BOTH fighting the mom and they were hitting each other with karate moves and head locks.

Meanwhile Tran Station just sat there for a second watching this and said "Okay I am going to leave now." and he did that.

"HEY!" said Dick! "Quit fighting you idiots your gonna get us put on the No Fly list!"

"SHE started it!" said Twilight while the mom had her in the headlock.

MEANWHILE the flight attendants came over and tried to subdue them but Twilight and the Mom and the Kid were too strong and were beating them away by ordering a bag of peanuts from them and shooting them out of a straw at the flight attendants and the salt got in they eyes.

"This calls for drastic measure," said the Chief Flight Atendant and she went to the pilot cabin. "Hey pilots some poopasses are fighting in the passenger cabin!"

The pilots came out to the fighting trio and said "HEY you boob tubers quit that! Don't make us turn this plane around!" and they grabbed twilight and the mom. "Say youre sorry! Or else we will flush you down the plane toilet and youll get ejected and fall down into the forest below and have to live like in the tv show Lost!"

"Fine," said Twilight. "Sorry I yell at your kid."

"And I am sorry for being bad parent and for buying NFTs," said the mom.

"Good" said the pilot and they put them down.

"Good job guys," said Dick america ghost and he walk over to shake their hands. "This is alway the hardest part of a pilots job, huh?"

"Thats right," said Pilot 1. "That and flying the plane."

"Wait," said Twilight. "Hang on a second. If youse both out here, whos flying the plane?"

Pilot 2 looked at Pilot 1. "Oh. Oops"

and now the plane was NOSEDIVING! everyone SCREAMED and holded each other and the passengers were sayin their prayers and Twilight and the Mom were Making Out and Dick America wasnt really worried since hes a ghost so he cant die. The pilots ran back to the cabin but it wa too late because one of them tripped on a lego on the way there!


and the plane CRASHED to the ground. it skiddified through the skipped over the trees and ran over all the trees and the outer plane shell caame off so it was just the seats now and it came to a complete stop in the middle of the forest partially buried in plane rubble.

Dick America regain his bearings. "Holy goodness that was like being on a rollercoaster at Seven Flags. Is everyone ok?"

"Yeah we are all okay becaus we were all wearing seatbelts" said all of the passengers and the pilots and flight attendants.

"Wait wheres applejack?" said Dick america and he looked around and reach in some rubble and pulle her out. "Applejack are you ok?!"

"What in tarnation the fuck?" said applejack. "That movie had nothin to do with apples."