• Published 20th Dec 2020
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The Search for Detective jakkid166 - jakkid166

One year since jakkid disappear, Twilight is tired of pony ville having a sickness called "Detective jakkid166 not being there" so she finally set out to find him so he can detective again once and for all!

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The Search for Detective jakkid166

It was a bright and suny day, in manehattan. but this story starts in Ponyville, where its dark and stormy, so this doesent actually matter. Twilight sparkled into her living room as the melted ice drops of rain clanged on her window, and the thunder shooked th ground and mixed up the oreo milkshake she was makin before she could turn on the blender.

"Exellent," said Twilight. "Thunderstorms always help me save on power." she poured the milkshake into a bowl and put it in the freezre to freeze it so it became ice cream, and grab a spoon and she sat herself by the window. She look outside to see the ponyville town she love, being as cool and normal as always while tha ponies ran around like crazy and buildings burned. It wasnt bad or anything this was just ponyvilles annual "Run Around and Steal and Burn Things Day".

Suddenly there was a KNOCK at the door! twilight walked to the door and knocked back and the persone behind the door said "Who is it?"

"This is Twilight Sparkle, and also the milk shake!"

So the parson opened the door and, ho and belold, it was Appledjack!

"Thanks parted ner!" said her and she DASH in the living rom and track mud and blood on the carpets. "Twilight you gotte hide me! The COP are after me"

"That canot be," said Twilight. "detective jakkid166 was our only cop and also Dick America who actually is here still so I guess that can be! What ded you do?! Why are you cover in blood"

"Well" said Applejack "I was tryin to make our patented Apple Family blood pudding, but then I forget you actualy need blood to make blood pudding. But Blood Mart was outta of blood and the Blood King restaurant is closed. So I decide a smart idea, since this is the day of stealing, to steal someone elses blood! So I poke big mac with a pin and all his blood came out, but apparently that count as murder which is not allowed on this day. So I need to get the blood back in Big Mac to make him not dead anymore, so ghost detective Dick America dont arrest me. Partner"

"Damn that sucks." said Twilight

"Yeah." said applejack. "Also want a slice?" and she held up blood pudding

"Not right now," sayed Twilight. "I hav been thinking about things, cause I am a pony who went to college and got a degree in thinking."

but just THEN, the DOOR busted down! the door FLEW off its hinges and it smacked Appeljack in the face and she bounced off the door into the wall and bounced off the wall into the door and it got flung back into its hinges in the doorway and it shut. But NOW, there was a the PERSON there!


"Applejack!" said Dick. "I have you corner now! You will not get away with the murder of Big Mac."

"But Dick that is hippocritical!" said Apple. "You ate at Ghost McDonalds last week, so technically you murdered a Big Mac too."

"Yes but I paid for that," said Dick. "Now you will have to pay too, with 20 years in prison."

"WAIT!" said Twi. "Dick America, if applejack can find more blood to put in Big Mac to bring him back to life, willl you not arrest her??"

"HM." said Dick. "Okay, fine. Besides accordin to jakkid's book of law, it works like with missing people. A dead person only counts as bein dead if they have been dead for 48 hours. So you hav 48 hours!"

"Exellent," said Twilight. "How are you anyway Dick? You look tired"

"I am tired," said Dick. "Bein the only greatest detective in the world in equestria in ponyville is tiring. It wa so EASY when jakkid did all the work! He wold backflip and throw handcuff everywhere and everyone gets arrested at once. His tricks was indisposable!"

"Yes we all miss Detective jakkid166 the greatest detective in the world, I wish he would come back so he can keep solvin crimes." said Twilight. "And he never finish our chess game!"

"Yeah it sucks partner," said Jack. "He been gone for like a whole year! How can he abandon us??? We gotta finding him. Then he can also help me investgate where blood might be."

"Why arent there more dtectives in Ponyville anyway already?" said Dick. "Why was jakkid the first"

"Jakkid was not the first, only the greatest." said twi. "We had dectives before, but they all got fired because they was corrupt and there was a big scandal. We called it investi-gate."

"Yea they was bad detectives!" said Applingjack. "Not like jakkid, who would never take a bribe. Unless it was at least two hundred dollars."

"That doese it!" said Twilight. "We gotta find where jakkid is. He cannot abandon us! Where coulde he be? If he isnt dead. Nah hes not dead he wouldnt die, thats too rookie of him."

"Well what did he tell you before he leave?" said Applejack.

"Just that he was going on soul searching journey to find him true self," said Twilight. "I know notheng else, BUT he is still active on FIMfiction and finished the story about Thanos that happened to us a while ago!"

"So he is on the internet still?" said Dick.

"Wait idea!" and Twilight got on google and typed in "detective jakkid166" and type enter. "There, I did The Search for Detective jakkid166."

"But Twilight this doesnt help!" said Dick. "This doesent show where he is, it only shows the jakkid wiki and tvtropes page which both actually exist for some reason."

"Wait" said Applejack and she open the wiki. "Look, someone edit Detective jakkid166s wiki page a few minutes ago! It says "To find jakkid166, first grab you jacket166." What cold that mean partner?!"

"Shit!" said Twilight. "That must mean we gotta go to a place that is COLD to help find jakkid! But what place in Equestria is cold???"

"Right now?" said Dick. "Everywhere. It is winter."

"Jakkid must mean the coldest land in all the land..." said Twilght. "COLDLAND!"

"But thats so far away!" said Applejackapple. "Im tired from walking"

"Too bad we gotta find jakkid! And theres no detective car this time so we gotta go the leg way."

"Shold we get the other ponies?" said Applejack.

"Nah leave them," said Twi. "They are busy doing cool stuff like stealing and burning things. This is a mission we must do ourself!"

"Very wel," said Dick. "It is about time I meet my adopted cousin again for the first tim in forever."

"Sweet!" said Twilight and she kick open her fronted door. "Alrighte guys, its time to find jakkid! Team SAD (Sparkle Applejack Dick) GO!"