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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.



This story is a sequel to Detective jakkid166 Go Equestria Now

Detective jakkid166 might be th greatest detective in the world, but what he ISNT is gonna be found out! Today his past comes back to haunt him when he go back to we do the he has to find out who is causing the murders of the around the world. In this spawling epic he will come across friends and bad not friends and find out if he is truly frothy of his detective title. And also theres ponies like Twilight and stuff. So read it or else you will miss the stunning big part 3 of the DETECTIVE jakkid166 equestria series!

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Let's dive in.

This story must be the tooth fairy, because it can’t be real.

I think its meant more of a joke than a serious story.

This is a larger disaster than my life.

As such, please continue.

Okay, objective review time.

This story is obviously written to be badly written. However, it is written in badly in a way that it makes the stupid comedy quite easy to visualize and interpret. In this way, it does a lot of things that a "traditional" novel would not be able to do. In fact, I might go far enough to say that this might be a very... exotic writing style. I do not in any way recommend that this writing style be widely used, only that it is well used in this particular story.

I also prefer a lot less swearing, but that's just me.

While I think it's not what most people would do, I will give this a thumbs up and tracking. Keep writing.

Also, amazing cover art. :pinkiecrazy:

Author Interviewer

This is so stupid it crosses over into hilarious. I only wish I could be this brilliant.

Please, please continue whatever this is.

Yes I gave it an upvote despite its badness. Not sorry, because (1) the badness is clearly intentional, and (2) it made me laugh; not many fics can do that.

*accidentally kills a pony while shooting at snowflakes like an idiot redneck*
*is immediately put in charge of the ensuing criminal investigation*

Truly, jakkid166 is the greatest writer of our time. Like, I don't even know why I bother trying to compete.

It's another mastapeace ladies and gentlemen

Now to actually read it

Quite good! The characters are developing at a steady pace and the mystery is very curious. Yes this may well turn out to be on the levels of Turnabout Egg and Ace Villain, keep at it my sir

"God damn the fuck"

I can't wait to use this in casual conversation thank you Detective Jakkid

"No youre not a garbage detective, even if your case got stollen from you. If you want I can go murder someone so youll have a case to solve."

If the only episode you ever watched was Lesson Zero, I suppose this would feasibly count as being in character for Twilight. :rainbowlaugh:

why do I never get the jokes

This is like "The Room" only it's intentionally bad.

The funny thing is that this story actually has better beats and narrative drive than a lot of the stagnant, meandering shit you see elsewhere. Super compelling. You've earned a lifetime reader for sure.

"But we cant do the elements if Rainbow is dead!" said Twilight. "Hey Jakkid do you wanna be the new element of loyalty?"

"Nah no thanks." I said.

"Oh okay"

THANK you disguise person. Im glad you appreciate my storey writing and I appreciate you too, even if I dont read sex fanfics. But its still fine and I respect all taste.

"Your brain is full of idiot."

That's my favourite line ever.

I am going to assume English is not your first language, and let the errors that I see slide.

I think this chapter is the best thing you've ever written. I'm dying over here.

The dude was wearing samurai and He was looking really bad and ass. Just from that I looked at him, I could tell he was a bad guy.
"What is your name and why are you here" I said cautiousingly.
"I am Heertu Killu. I am here to kill you"

Holy fuck that is like the most stylish character introduction I have seen in a while

mom i'm scared

I'm grinning so hard right now that my face hurts.

*reads the description*

...welp, another crackhole overglorified, terribly written, Mary Sue self insert story... that I'm probably going to be driven to help improve in my usual way...

*reads the comments*

"Wha? How so much praisings!? No sensefulness at all! Must brain fix!"

*after a trip at the brain repair workshop... AKA, slamming my head against the nearest hard, solid, large and flat object... repeatedly*

"...whaaaat? Okay, I got to see this..."

*heads over to it's prequel, adding it to the read it later list*

I mean, if the poison makes your mouth all worthy, that's definitely a sign you died of honor.

This is art.

"Aww yeah HERE i GO aGAIN on my OWN" I sang except I wasent on my own I was with Twilight and the others.

Jakkid166 may be the craziest detective I've ever known, but... at least he has good taste in music.

"Jakkid you need to pay more attention" said Twilight "Your brain is full of idiot."

"Your brain is full of idiot." ...heheheh...

"I am Heertu Killu. I am here to kill you"

"I am a locksmith, and I am a locksmith."


Are you basing this off of Police Squad..?

Also, is this the Police Squad of FimFic?

Whichever the case, this automatically makes all of the Jakkid stories ten times awesomer.

i do like polece squad and naked gun

Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes Police Squad. Thing's hilarious... if an oldie.

So, *throws stone through window*, where did that come from..?


God Damn the Fuck

This will be my campaign slogan when I run for president.

I said SNORT the crack, not INHALE IT!!!!!

HYPE MY DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why should I be hyped again?

Truly a fight scene like no other.

"Because" I said and I struck a pose of drama. "Detective is the most important job. Without it the criminals would get away. If I wasnt a detective, there would be less detectives like me in th world to make saure the criminals recieve justice! Us detective should not work AGAINST each other, we should work AT GOOD each other!"

*sheds a single tear*

What a powerful and moving speech.

I'm shedding tears of joy after bearing witness to this masterpiece. Or possibly blood. Either way, thank you for one hell of a trip.

I repeat, this is art. Wonderful throughout.

you have to read the perevious chapter "bad religion" to explain that

(reads because wondering what all the hype is about)

(go there)

(come back here)







To commandeer a phrase from the Nostalgia Critic: "I don't know if you're my hero or the worst kind of crazy."

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