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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.


Everyone gather around the campfire to learn the story about how Detective Jakkid166 had to face my scareyest challenge yet.Read it if you dare or if you don't dare....

But still read it

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I put in a Nintendo cartridge and then Detective Jakkid166 and Peter Griffin bled at me.


I went outta the bathroom and got dresse and got my detective clothes on and got my detective stuff, like my detective gun, my detective badge, my detective wallet, and my detective detective.

Simply. Glorious.

I want to be a storyperson like you if I grow up.

Sometimes I try to write my Eye of Argon story,
but then I see another one of these.... and I can't.... I can't fake this.
This is gold.

The Jakkid continuity is officially better than the Halloween movies due to not having retcons.

How did he get to Rainbow's house? It's on a cloud. He would have needed his car for that!

I appreciate that you spontaneously transformed the knife into ice picks to keep Zecora in character. Very well done.

you take writing shitty stories, and make it into writing THESE


Damn I got spooked real bad

This was the greatest Displaced story I’ve ever read.

I don't know what to say.

"Detective jakkid what the ass dick are you going?"

you know it's gotta be good when the first sentence of the story has "ass dick" in it

Gotta make sure to delete my history after readin this saucy fetish.

So I took the comstume home and wore it and I look really scary like the guy from Halloween (the new one not the old one, though that ones good too. And also Halloween 2 is pretty good. The old one not the new one.)) I even wet into the kitchen and got a fake knife to make me look real covincing and I was prepared. It was night time now so I grabbe my candybag and went out to become trick or treating.

I personally like the Rob Zombie one. Haven't seen the new one yet.

But THEN all of a suden Celestia and everyone appeard and Celestia made a magic spear and stabbed me with it and I got impaled on the wall.

Doesn't he still have his spear proof vest?

tha rob zombie ones are badawful. new one is good though i likee it alot specially the part where there was halloween on it.

i wasent wearing it on that day, and besides its only a normal spear proof vest not a magic spear proof vest. so it doesnt protect against magic spears, only real ones

So I Jumped out of my the bed and landed in my bathtub and showered my clothes off and I brushed my teeth and my comb.

You know you're hardcore when your shower's strong enough to disrobe you :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

"Dammit jakkid stop acting like duck" said she "Okay now get in the pot you stupid fuck."

This is the quality writing I come here for. A+, hunnerd outta hunnerd, best fic.

As an expert on poemtry I must professional opinion that "woodchuck" would have been the superior rhyme.

This is one more step on the path to enlightenment.

Nice jobs with the rhymes

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