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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.


In a special story that happened befor The Fall of Detective jakkid166, our favorite detective (me) find himself in a sort of bad situation: He is DYING!

Faced with imminent unaliveness, Detective jakkid must find a way to make sure his friends is provided for before he passses... but what length will he go to to make that hapen? Possibly even a mile length?? Find out in Detective jakkid166 Breaks Bad!

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I do not think being dead would impede Detective Jakkid from solving crimes, so the premise of this whole story is unrealistic.

I would like to know, however, what model of gun he uses as his detective gun.

yea but being dead sucks still

the detective gun is the detective gun. it is just that. But it kinda look like Sam's gun from sam and max sort of?

10802954 Interesting. Thank you for clarifying!

"It mean you have like a week to live. You better get you shit together.


You see, the world I come from is a fantasmic place, where people die a lot and make corupt goverments that pretend to be good.

I come to you for laughter, not tears, dammit.

That is the best fanfiction I’ve ever read.

Why the hell are you making meth?

I seth Standmore can relent To this storty as I have also known of the difficulty's of coughing the white ball's, this happened once to me when I was in thirdth grade, I was in class when all of a sudden I corfed up a big white, I spit it out of my mouth because it was Gorss and it landed on my neighbor Brenda's desk, she said EWWWW SETH STANDMORE SPIT ON MY DUSK and the teacher said 'seth Standmore go to the principle's office you are getting a Refusal,' i was so Mad and Sad that I narutoran all the way there with twin trail's of crying.

DETECTIVE JAKKID DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!! DO NOT SELL MATH!!!!!! Drug's are for BUG'S and i have lost Many friend's to Weed Overdose, from the drinking of bung juice and Snorting of Weed Flake's. YOU ARE STRUNGER THAN THAT, and my GRANDFATHER ROY STANDMORE WILL PROTECT YOU FROM HEAVEN LIKE HE PROTECTED AMERICA FROM THE NAZI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why waste time cooking meth when you instead could be slam dunking epic hole in ones on the golf course with your half eaten tumor golf balls? That's how I'd go out at least.

While you may not have eaten golf balls in a few weeks which ones have you eaten? The type of golf ball is very important to your health.

I love Twilight's priorities; very in-character, honestly.

I await seeing what happens to the golf ball tumors.

Can we please get a link to The Fall of Detective jakkid166?

It's clear you have extremely intimate knowledge of both the meth-making process and Cheerilee's character.

Dick America and Applejack vs Detective Jakkid and Twilight is the doubles tennis match we've all been waiting for

"Hello Twilight jakkid166 the greatest friendship princess detective in the world. It is nice to see you! What the fuck do you want"

Gonna start greeting callers this way.

"All done!" said Applejack but then she broke the new window she just instaled. "Aw fuckapples."

I fucking lost it here.

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