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Morgan Spencer is a reality traveling fan girl. After Twilight Sparkle reads a spell out loud, the Mane 6 end up in Morgan’s world! Morgan has to juggle her two lives, and figure out who she really is along the way.
(Be warned. Chapter 49 contains slight gore (at least by my standards of writings). The rest is still good)

The prequel. is up. Read if you want.

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honestly i had no clue a girl wrote this. i just assumed everyone on the internet was a guy... not sure if that's sexist or not:applejackunsure:

2576422 it's not. I think the same thing except, girls unless the writer out right says he's a guy.

Hoh boy, this is getting intense. If ya want some feedback, I can only say that it seems a bit rushed. As if it could have been half again as long and been as good. Although its good as is, I just felt it would help.


well then, i'm sure you're very pretty:twilightsmile:

So far
I can honestly say that this story, while the main character comes from a mary-sue background, was actually pretty decently executed thus far. Your Traveler concept seems pretty interesting, and the fact that they've got some sort of underground organization works for me somehow. In any case, keep on writing. :P

Oh man I can't wait for the next update!! I read so much of this last night I dreamt of it! (And that has only happened once before)

Really Scar's song with the hyenas from The Lion King? That was the song you chose?


NEW CHAPTER!!! :yay:

Kill Joy, Niiiiiiice.

Comment posted by Sea Pony deleted May 22nd, 2013

kill Joy this name bring back so many memories of when I first join the fandom.
Oh and I like this fic but I can't help but wonder how was her time when she first arrived in Equestria.

2611991 Well Scar in general wasn't a psychopath just power hungry. So not completly similar just as Darcy shows she isn't fully evil. After all she hasn't attacked any of the mane six or Morgan's family and she cares about Lilac enough to want to kill those who would do her harm while Scar mainly just cared about himself. Not saying its a bad song choice just saying there might have been a better option. Not my story though so its not my say just giving my opinion.

This time I can't actually think of a better song. It goes so well with whats happening.

Don't you DARE change the song! It's absolutely PERFECT! :pinkiehappy:

2623182 I'm not. It's just the last song I used had some negative reviews so I had to be sure.

Fantastic song choice! I have always loved it. Not bad in changing it to suit the occasion either. Good chapter overall.:pinkiesmile:

What the hell just happened? *BRAIN EXPLOSION*

Ermahgerd!! A ghost!! :pinkiegasp:


Yay! new chapter! :yay:

Was there a reason part of it repeated?

Interesting development. I wonder what this wall has to do with her memories, hmmmm.

2654055 I'll tell you the same thing I told Hunter Reaper

I wonder who Lila is and where she is from?

Oh Yeeeeeah! Now I remember. Thanks.

“‘The Clinic’, ‘Saw 6’, ‘5 Seasons of Spongebob Squarepants’, ‘Anything Transformer Related’, ‘Anything DC Related’, ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1-3’, ‘Click’ and ‘The Mechanic’. And that’s just off the top of my head.”

Let me guess one more show, Pokemon. :derpyderp1:

2671149 Damn it, I knew I forgot something.

Awesome! New chapter!

And it sure is confusing when Morgue and Darcy switch who's speaking.

2742950 Yeah, I wanted to use the colors but...
Yeah. I'm gonna do that now.

Awww...no Pokèmon or other anime? Thinking of Morgan as one of the Devil Fruit users in One Piece amuses me.... And I'm only saying One Piece specifically because I love that anime. Luffy is overpowered :twilightsmile:

Don't overuse color. That's a first with writing. I got a complaint for overusing colors so everyone could tell who the hell was talking without my lazy brain having to order more words typed.
AWWW DARNIT! I finally reached 35 and its not completed! Now I have to wait :(. As if the 300+ fics I have favorited ever get updated anyway(They don't, I'm bored out of my mind)

The story of how Darcy got her cutie mark sounds ominous and creepy. Now, I'm intrigued as to how she got it. :duck:

Also, it's a good thing that Morgan was able to get Applejack back to Ponyville in time for the episode A Bad Seed. :ajsmug:

Welp, now I have to wait for the next update. See ya!

~ Super-Brony12

2753796 The Doctor...I mean...No One. No one at all.

2754096 I saw parts of that movie and Morgan is nothing like that

Very sweet. :pinkiesad2:

~ Super-Brony12

2753807 *cough cough* well you know it's not like I have a fully functional TARDIS in my basement. It doesn't go through space. Yet :l

2753796 I'm sorry I don't reveal personal information :) have fun reading fanfiction and don't follow Darcy's example :)

2757477 Yeah, neither of us have one of those. So stop implying it. 'Cause it would be stupid.

2757514 but why it's fun to imply things :(

2757526 i know, but if we imply that we have TARDIS' then people will come see if we have TARDIS' and it will somehow lead to the apolocalypse!
Or, they will all be hit with frying pans.

2757536 but what if they don't know where I live

2757565 But wait...they can track our IP addreses!
:raritydespair: NO!

2757567 umm umm umm OH WAIT I KNOW we can just move to Equestria :) problem solved........ Now do you know how to get to Equestria?

2757571 No...what'll we do!
Wait for Pinkie to Break the Fourth wall then drag us into Equestria then turn into dragon (because they have fingers and aren't griffons) and then we'll have to go on an adventure to find the Eye of Harmony because we're the dragons of Destiny along with Spike...
Naw, that's just crazy talk

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