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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.



Detective jakkid166 is the greatest detective in the world who always solve the cases and solve the bad guys. However, today becomes his biggest challenge yet as he gets trapped in Ponyville and he has to solve a mystery. Can he do it and can he also get a pay raise from the Chief of Police who might be the murderer! Well dont turn off your TV or you won't find out in Detective jakkid166 Go Equestria Now.

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...thought you might like to know.


Yep... Eeyup.

I think we've had a bit too much of the ol' devil's humidifier, my lads...

Not since the New Testament have we beheld a more thought-provoking and culturally-significant piece of literature.


How long have you been waiting to do that one?

"Okay its time to investigate." said me and I jumped out my window and fell five stories into my police car which I drove to the crime scene at 160 car per hour

we should learn from this sacred text of learning and replace miles per hour with car per hour


Once there was an almighty deity who created everything which exists. Then this story came along.

The deity's last words shortly after reading both chapters (and just before committing suicide) were "Bugger this for a game of soldiers." No one knows why.

Bugger this for a game of soldiers

This deity was Albert Einstein.

Oh boy another crappy self insert!

Has there ever been a good self insert? No really, I don't know.

Comment posted by SCP049 deleted Jan 24th, 2018

Not sure if trolling or genuinely bad at writing...

I know a thing or two about good fics, and this... is one.

Oh, he's taking the piss for sure.

Trolls of a feather troll together!

8688996 is not a troll! She writes great stories!

I am not double or triple but Hexeptuple hyped for this story, because you see my lads jakkid166 is not just some ace detective, he is also an ace author who is responsible for the world-renowned Phoenix Wright decology, a story that has been shared through various mediums, not just as a novel but as a video game and an online TV series. He is visiting this site from his home studio, fanfiction dot net, I would recommend reading the entirety of the original decology at the very least! IMO better than the shit by Shu Takumi, those games have pacing issues of being too long. Jakkid will be sure not to bore you and get straight to the action, thrill and excitement as soon as it becomes reasonable, not even the laws of reality will hold him back.

Therefore I give this a 9/10 the only way to improve upon it would be a surprise crossover with Hexepta Logic Hack and Acquittal Induction. Keep it up my man!

thanks for the grrrrreat reviews guys ill make sure to make the thrid chapter even BETTER

Okay, like, after reading this, I realize this is actually a masterpiece.

Return to containment or face the consequences SCP-049

Friend: what’s ur favorite anime

What is this sockpuppet account?

I expect an SFM video depicting the events of the first chapter to be found and posted here by tomorrow morning. Get on it Detectiv.

M'lad, me liking the works of a good author does not make me a sockpuppet account.

It makes me someone with good taste.


This is garbage, but well-crafted garbage. The language is mangled in such a way to appear like it was written by someone with little to no understanding of English, but it's done in a consistently clever way. Tautological descriptions abound, as does the "said me" dialogue tag. The story is also crazy enough that I'm actually interested to see where it goes, because there's no way to tell with something like this.

One day the author will become big famous fanfiction writer like jakkid166. I hope these words of encouragement help.

This HiE parody made much laugh

I know your tricksy hobbitseries!

Didn't make that one. I've included links to the ones I've made.

You've made LIES is what you've made! *points finger accusingly*

would u two shut the heck up already

Holy shit, this is so bad, it's actually good. Also, someone make a thicc ass book, and name it the Bible 2

ok guys so i got one of those editor peoples to fixc my fanfic up and now it has good garmarr and stuff on it and capitalization and puctuation and now its GOOD and more ready to be on the fim fic site

Author Interviewer

I really hope you finish this story, because I want to do a reading of it.

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