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See you at the con! · 6:51pm Jul 30th, 2019

I've managed to bag myself an 11 day vacation from work and I'm not missing the last bronycon for anything! If you see a black Chevy Impala with NY plates and a ridiculously large luggage rack strapped to the top going down the highway, that's me. I'll be sporting a badge with "Caddy Finz" on it obviously. I'll also be the guy cosplaying as chief wiggum from the Simpsons so just a few ways you can pick me out of the crowd. Since this is the last bronycon, I hope to see you there and make

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About my OC

Name: Caddy Finz ("caddy" is often used short for Cadillac and "finz" referring to the so called "tailfins" that were popular on cars in the 1950s)
Gender: Male
Age: Late 20s
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: A black silhouette of a mid 1950s two door coupe
Special Talent: Fixing and fabricating mechanical items. Also has the ability to expertly operate ANY vehicle weather by land, air, or sea.
Occupation: Auto Parts store chain owner
Hometown: Trottski
Current City: Ponyville
Family: Biological parents, Mother is an Earth Pony, Father a pegasus, Older sister an Earth Pony, Younger sister a pegasus, Two nieces, Rye Fields age 6, an Earth Pony, and Lilly Pad age 4 a pegasus. Brother in law an Earth Pony.
Close Friends: Double Click the Earth pony, later befriended Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Thunderlane, Caramel, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. Slowly but surely making more friends. His two best friends include Shining Armor and Cadence whom of which convinced him to move to Ponyville as to make more friends and learn to trust others, which he had always struggled with.
Spouse/Partner: Single

Caddy's Bio:

Caddy Finz is an all business, hardworking, white AND blue collar business pony who enjoys building all kinds of useful machines and has made it his goal to make life easier for everypony with his mechanical knowledge. Much like Twilight Sparkle, he at first felt that his work was more important than socializing but later changed his outlook. He likes to pass himself off as a cold, hardened tough guy but is very well in touch with his soft side and would do anything for his friends, especially pretty mares. Being a hopeless romantic, he is often longing to find true love which seems so close yet just out of his grasp. Caddy's bad luck with forming relationships seems to follow him in every other aspect of his life as every day is just another misadventure for him. Though his work takes up a great deal of his time, he is always there for anypony who needs help fixing something at the drop of a hat. Though Caddy means well wherever he goes, he smokes excessively and consumes large amounts of caffeine by day and a great deal of beer by night. Though he has his fair share of flaws, Caddy constantly strives to better himself any way he can. Try as he might to convince others that he doesn't need them, Caddy and his friends are all too aware that neither would be much without the other.

Caddy's Background:

Described as more of a workaholic than Applejack, Caddy moved from the tiny town of Trottski which very few have ever heard of. His intention was to open his first store that sold parts for automobiles and machines and various hardware and tools. Being the only retail outlet for such items in Ponyville, business very quickly took off to a point where Caddy earns a comfortable living and even pays his employees quite well. His success in business however came at a cost as he constantly is seen flying throughout the town running his errands hyped up on toxic amounts of coffee and energy drinks and seemed to always have a smoldering cigar in his teeth. His first few months living in Ponyville, the only way he was able to makes friends was through his work as he had little to no time outside of his job. Fearing that his health was on a downward spiral, several concerned friends including Applejack who can relate to such a problem held an intervention of sorts. Caddy assured everypony that he was fine and they need not worry but as he flew home, his heart stopped and he fell out of the air, unconscious before he even hit the ground. Fortunately, Rarity and Fluttershy witnessed the incident and promptly rushed him to the hospital. Ever since then, he made a promise to himself and all the ponies who care about him that he would hire more help for his business and not work himself to the point of dying. He has also since improved his social life and made friends with nearly everypony in town and even plans to soon open a location in Canterlot as well as several other cities.

Caddy's Likes and hobbies: His job/business, money, his friends, smoking cigars, drinking, Ponyville, his two nieces, the outdoors, firearms, pretty mares, Queen Chrysalis (he secretly admires her), his works staff, Applejack, Derpy, Shining Armor, Cadence, late night flights, pork rinds and the guy in the dark alley in the rough part of town who sells them, entering his goldfish into beauty contests, his cats.

Dislikes: Sitting still, Angel Bunny, the ponies from his hometown, stupidity/lack of intelligence, sleep, the fact that pork rinds are illegal in Equestria, Karens, Filthy Rich who won't stop trying to convince Caddy to start a business partnership with him, having his heart broken, ponies pointing out that beyond his cold, hard, cut throat exterior he is actually very kind.

Some more about me...

I've been a fan of the Friendship Is Magic generation of MLP since around summer of 2012. It all started when a friend of mine at the time told me that he watched it and before I could say "get the hell out of my car", he convinced me to try watching a couple episodes. The rest is history. Now I watch the show, attend conventions and write fanfictions.
I was born in April of 1991 and grew up in the town of Richland (statistically ranked poorest town in upstate New York) and now reside in Belleville, NY where I just bought my house in April 2019. I feel that I'm doing pretty well for an autistic guy as I also work as a manager for an auto parts company as you might see hinted at in some of my stories
For the most part, I enjoy writing comedy but as I write more, I feel that I may be ready to try some more serious stuff. In one given story, one chapter may be a nonstop laugh fest and then the next chapter, you get a sentimental moment. That's what makes a good story. Keeping it unpredictable. Not too long ago, I decided to heck with it and went for writing a couple clop fics just to see what the hype was about. I'm probably going to Tartarus anyway.