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Think you can get your audience laughing? Get them to roll in their seats? Then come and join the Great Comedians of FiM Fiction! For the great and loved and the unknown alike!
1. No clop, not even parodies.
2. Everyone has to play nice with one another, remember that it's the whole theme of the fandom.
3. Any trolling will be quickly destroyed and banished to the moon.
4. Keep politics and religion out, please. This group is meant to celebrate comedy, not shoot whoever's on the other side of the argument.
5. You don't need to have your comedy in stories to join. I have all my comedy in blog posts.
6. Always read another persons story before criticizing it.
7. Have fun! It's the whole point of this thing!

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Hello guys! We have a new batch of stories up, so enjoy! Congratulations to Spinel Stride, Potatojoe, AbsoluteAnonymous, ngch, Arwhale, GamebeatX14, asktheshadowpikachu, milesprower06, NotARealPonydotcom, and Yofigul for making the list!
Congratulations! This group is being featured in New Groups.

In the judgement of the groups that took place today, this group was competing against all other groups on Fimfiction. It managed to beat a vast majority of them with its freshness, earning it a spot in the Groups of New.

4th goes to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered" by ocalhoun! Great job! Huh, that was easy.

Coming in at the third slot is "Pinkie's Last Nightmare Night" by the one, the only Admiral Biscuit! Good job.

380162 I'd also like to thank Mr. Maximus for his service in the Military. Thank you, sir, for protecting your country.

Hello! We have the first story submitted to the group: "A Pony Walks Into A Bar..." by our very own Mr. Maximus! Congratulations on earning the first spot! :pinkiesmile: Update: He also claimed the 2nd spot with "Retribution". My God, nothing like dark humor mixed with 80's action movie cheese.

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