Pinkie, where did my books go? 37 members · 93 stories

Pinkie decided to borrow some books:)
Don't tell Twilight.
Focusing on comedy and adventure stories.

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1: Autocorrect can be turned off. Anyone who values effective communication should do so.
2: Don't do important things, like creating a group, from a phone.

347918 AUTOCORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You forgot to capitalize Pinkie in the title and misspelled *where.*

Comment posted by Pump It Up deleted Feb 4th, 2014

347875 Please, no, it's a great name!

time for a name change!

nope.i saw that after I thought about making this....the main focus for the stories are funny or adventure. guess I should have called it the "Pinkie, were did my books go?" group.:pinkiehappy:

Please tell me this isn't another Twilight's Library spinoff?

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