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Welcome to the official Red Panda fan group, home to all red pandas and their fans!

Beware of Giant Panda rape, they will take their jealousy as the lesser species out on you.

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Not right now. I've been fairly writers blocky recently. And what not.

333293 would you like to help me write one?

333353 WE CAN WORK TOGETHER!:pinkiecrazy::heart::yay::pinkiecrazy:

Wait, this Group is about actual red pandas? Not the Canadian super hero?

Oh. Actually, I don't care, red pandas are cool so I'll stay.

333293 want to help me write it?

Do it! Those shameless little critters would greatly enjoy it and any story worshipping them is allowed!

i am strangely tempted to write a story about panda rape now...:pinkiecrazy:

I'm in.

So...who do you imagine is hotter - the Flying Squirrel or Trixie Dixon?

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