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I'll get right on my next chapter...as soon as I'm done buying this house!



I've done a lot of things I ain't too proud of. I've worked for an organized crime family as a hit man for more time than I'd like to admit. I got paid to take people's lives, I've robbed, stolen, smuggled and hijacked. If it's something one would call sneaky, crooked, vile or anything like that, I've done it.

My name is Vincenzo Scungilli and this is the story of my new beginning. Tired of a life full of nothing but murder and blood, I decided That I wanted to get out of the mob. With a "blessing" from my don, I found that it would prove wise to escape my past and the people who still want me dead not by leaving New York City or even the country, but by my newly discovered mode of transport, inter dimensional travel. By complete freak accident, I ended up getting sucked into Equestria, a land of friendship, magic and candy colored talking ponies who proceed to annoy the hell out of me...and I gotta wait a week to get back.

Think I can keep my sanity and maybe even learn a few things about friendship? Will I even go so far as to make friends with these fruity little wimps and risk life and limb to help them when they accepted me and took me in as their friend? Will I find out who I can really trust and learn who I can't? Well then ya'd better start readin' if ya know what's good for ya! Capiche?

Rated Teen for violence, language and explosions involving "F-bombs"
Cover Art Courtesy of thelunarqueen.deviantart.com

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 147 )

Horale eso era buen estoria pon mas
(Good read make more)

i can imagen this wise guy is going on "pissed off" mode i like to read some more but there is no other chapter for now i'm waiting paciently:scootangel:

This just made my day. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

i like the way a italian mobster is going though equitria:pinkiehappy:

this has to be one of the most entertaining things i've read in quite a while. It's no past sins, but it's still a great read. following and a thumbs up for youse. :derpytongue2:

3444705 thanks a bunch! just wait till i get the new cover art put on this. i have a good friend of mine working on that, and it'll be done any time now :pinkiehappy:

fruityy wimps?

no offense to old vinny here, but twilight sparkle probably has more muscle strength than he does. fact about humans. we are weak. we are slow, clumsy, and flimsy compared to other species. worse part is that while these ponies are sapient and the size of large dogs at most, they probably could overpower a human pretty easily. sole reason we have evolved to what we are now is beause animals weren't smart neough to fight us.

3446195 when vinnie calls them fruity wimps, he's talking about their behavior and attitude. a pony could easily kick his butt to the next world, but do u think Twilight or any of the mane six would be "badass" enough to want to do it? :twilightsmile:

that bastard is lucky, now i need a drink shit:flutterrage::twilightangry2: but funny story:scootangel:

3448018 I couldn't use the link but I assume it's a vid of them beating changelings to a pulp. I probably should have pointed out before that Vinnie isn't a threat to their nation, he's just cranky is all. :twilightangry2:

How long till next chapter?
Need more.

Get back in your cage, Steve.
Sorry, steve's crazy. Still, I want more.

i actually agree to Oubliette WE NEED MORE!!!

An encore? :raritystarry: I never thought my work that i just do as a hobby would be so well liked :pinkiegasp: I'll start the next chapter as soon as I raid my refrigerator for some "inspiration" :derpytongue2: thank you all so much for your nice comments and support :pinkiehappy:

oh dear he has corapted the pink one we are all doomed!

Mobster introduces swearing to ponies? Check.
Causes havoc? Check.
Turns CMC into a mafia hit squad? Remains to be seen.
Diamond Tiara gets to swim in cement? Hopefully.


3553125 why not tiara sleeping with the fishes and her head on her papa's bed as a warning to not to be uptight as her daugther

3553614 May I ask what exactly you are talking about and why you feel that it is necessary to to use such a massive font size?

Comment posted by Mist deleted Dec 15th, 2017

3555111 I never said I need or want to fix my grammar.:trollestia:


"yeah but so what?  you were so close to beating me that I decided to call it a draw and split the bets I er- we won, fifty-fifty!  Respect!"
"you're shitting me!  how much did that turn out to be?!"
"eh, not a whole lot.  each of us get about four hundred bits.  you're supposed to make a fist and bump my hoof by the way"

After every period you need what ever is next to be capitalized,(and names) do not start a sentence off with and, this also effects dialog the first bit of it needs to be "Yeah but so what?" You only seem to be having a hard time in dialog! Otherwise this story is great! Please continue.:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Mist deleted Dec 15th, 2017

3555454 No hard feelings. I'm glad you at least like the story. Dialog is really the only thing that I may need improvement on. It can be a bitch finding a good balance between having a character who speaks in slang and vernacular and having correct grammar and such. However, please don't damage my eyesight when you post your input okies? :derpyderp2:

3559252 Muhaha your eyes will bleed.

Please, for all those who are not blind;
An do not repeat this course of action at a later date.

Hahaha, this is brilliant, keep up the good work! :derpytongue2:

3553125 Hey I hope you enjoy chapter 11 :pinkiehappy: I think you will especially like the idea of some certain ponies getting what they have coming to them.:trollestia: Kudos to you for giving me the idea :heart:

4001118 I'm very glad you're enjoying my latest installment :twilightsmile:

Always knew Babs was the excessively violent kinda filly :D

"What's a fuck?"

Something that this guy is just not giving at the time, and he could not afford to give not a single one, that's what. :moustache:

4023472 yup just like W, he just doesn't give a fuck lol. at least not that early in the story. are you enjoying reading it?

Oh crap the CMC are going to become a mob family…

I just found this story 1 hour ago and now I'm here. I just need to say that you sir have hit my funnybone harder than anyone has In a very long time. I want more chapters... so very badly... and that thing with spike in the last chapter... oh, man... when I read the paragraph where he walked through the door covered in lipstick, I just couldn't stop myself from imagining him walking through the door singing ' I just had sex' your humor matches mine and I can rarely laugh out loud at a story. I can honestly say that this story has broken that record. I laughed so hard at so many parts. This is just pure gold, one chapter after another. .. great job, and keep up the good work...

4099846 And YOU sir have just given me the huge boost of confidence that I truly needed :yay: Im overjoyed at how much people enjoy my work :pinkiehappy: and will continue to deliver. Thank you! :heart:

It was every 30 Moons not years [Basically 2.5 years:facehoof:

Comment posted by MLP BRONY 27 deleted Apr 15th, 2014

Goddamn mafia jackasses know how to hold a grudge.…
On a side note, can someone open the fourth wall so that I can throw this mysterious donkey who appeared in my room at them?

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