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R34 Poll: Caddy and ??? · 6:00am Sep 20th, 2018

Okay, let's go for take two! A couple of weeks ago, I tried posting a pole for people to cast a vote on who they would like to see depicted with Caddy, my red pegasus OC in a "suggestive" position. Particularly over an office desk, to be precise. I originally posted it on a forum in the group "Clopfics" but it was deleted by a group admin for being for my "personal gain" is how they explained it. He so graciously informed me that such things have to be

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Lemme take a selfie · 3:00am Nov 14th, 2017

I just wanted to take a moment to shed some light on a very talented friend of mine. mix-up as he is known as here on fimfiction was so kind to make this for me the other day. It depicts my OC taking a selfie with that of my friend little-tweenframes in a NYC/Manehattan sort of setting. I was honored and privileged to have been able to attend Bronycon 2017 with her and I hope to be able to go to NYC with her as we have talked about that in the past. Pssst! She's never been

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Bronycon happenings 2017 · 11:37pm Aug 12th, 2017

Well, this was my fifth time going to Bronycon in Baltimore, MD and certainly an interesting one to say the least. This one was overseen by different management from the last four and for being their first time running such a large con, I say they did an alright job. I didn't particularly like how they had the mane events hall in the lower level as we have gotten accustomed to the upper level where honestly it's a lot brighter and the floor actually has carpet on it but I digress. Trivial

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Spot Caddy's Caddy! · 8:47pm Jun 16th, 2017

Okay, it's actually a Buick but anyway, I'm just tossing this out there for the fun of it and I don't really expect much but hey, you only live once, right? Anywho, I'll be going to Bronycon in Baltimore, Maryland like I have the last four years and shockingly enough, I've met some of you there. While on the highway on your way there or driving around Baltimore, look for my silver 2003 Buick Le Sabre and maybe honk and wave as you pass by. If the guy driving it waves back with all five

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Youtube Reading · 2:23am Apr 29th, 2017

Hello, my friends, I am reaching out to you today to not only ask for help but offer you an opportunity to be involved in something pretty cool. I want to make an actual youtube reading of my stories and could use some help with that. If anyone has the needed software, voice talent, love for my mediocre work etc. please, get at me!

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In need of proofreader/editor · 4:55am Apr 30th, 2016

Hello everyone! After a few years of writing, I thought it was about time I threw this out there. I would appreciate it so much if I could get a dear soul such as one of you, my fellow authors and readers to proofread and help me edit my stories. Any of my friends I know in person are much too busy and have too much going on to find the time to help with this. If anyone is interested, please by all means feel free to get a hold of me preferably by PM. I would be so eternally grateful to

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