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A simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming our way.



Twilight Sparkle, a new ruler in Equestria, has only been a princess for a few weeks. She just returned from an adventure in a new world that she never knew of, but she still doesn't feel ready for life as a leader. On the other hoof, Flash Sentry is just a new member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. As a member of the guard, his job is to protect the three princesses in Canterlot, as well as tour with them wherever they go. This turns into a romantic relationship, and they live happily ever after.

Actually, no they don't. That only happens in fairy tales.

Rated Teen for suggestive scenes and innuendo jokes, but if you know me you know that my stories are always the PG rated version, where the acts aren't described after kissing or touching. This story takes place after Equestria Girls but before Season 4, not including any new developments in the series or comics after the movie.

Artwork by: cat4lyst.
Edited/Pre-read by: Gemstone The Unicorn (final chapter only).
External Links: Goodreads.

First Story: A Guard and a Princess.
Second Story: A Prince and a Princess.

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Seems like someone watched Equestria Girls ^^

2812000 Heck yeah. Twice, and I'm going again next week. Saw it once online and once in theatres. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

2812007 I kiinda liked it... The plot was good but ill rather choose Equestria and ponies instead of High School and Humans...

2812015 Totally, but it bridged the gap from seasons 3->4 and even the worst-case scenario it was an extra-long episode. I went into it with zero expectations and an open mind and loved it.

2812024 Yeah..... I guess u r right...:twilightsheepish:

same here:rainbowdetermined2:
I watched it and it was.so.awesome!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Oh look, another one of these. Let's see how far this fad will go.

2812173 Wow, aren't you a nice person. Thanks for the thumbs down based on prejudice only, that's real super.

I'm generally a nice person, but I'm sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere.

2812198 Doesn't mean you give somebody a thumbs down with no real reason other than you don't like the pairing. That's not fair to somebody who spent hours on this.
If you were a nice person I would generally assume that you'd be fair as well.

Ok, since people are not in a very good mood, I may just delete this. I'd rather work on my other stories than get thumbs down based on not liking a pairing.

I don't plan on seeing it- I saw a few bits online, but it just didn't catch my eye.
That being said, it's a decent fic, and worth a thumbs up.

2812284 Thanks, but I doubt I will continue it.

Huh. Pity. Hope it's not because of one jerk.
It could stand alone as a one shot if necessary though. :twilightsmile:

2812301 Oh, this was supposed to be about 50,000 words. If it is going to be constantly downvoted without being read, then I might as well not waste my time on this. I was actually really excited and happy with it so far.

Well, I only see 3 downvotes...and 13 upvotes...so I wouldn't say it's getting 'only' downvoted :pinkiehappy:

2812317 Ok, not only, but still. I've never been featured before even though I have great ratings on my other stories, and this one won't ever get featured now because of those 3 downvotes.
I mean, honestly, I want to become a great writer. I'm far too busy of a person to waste my time on a story that will never have a good rating because of hate only. I'd rather do another couple then. I want to actually get some genuine criticism to see what I can improve on, rather than just downvotes based on hate for the movie or the couple. That really isn't fair, no matter what way you look at it.

And yes, I know I'm being sucky.


Fair enough, I can understand that.
Keep in mind though, if being featured is your goal, it's not about votes. I contacted some of the site owners about this after a rape-fic was featured (It got downvoted into oblivion.). Featured = an algorithm based on views, from what I gathered.

2812361 Well that's kinda dumb. I don't HAVE to be featured, but it would be a nice thing to work towards.

I say ignore the people downvoting for no reason and just write whatever the hell you want. If the upvotes outweigh the downvotes, then its not that bad and you should continue writing. Don't let the few people (like RandomPerson78642 over there) who don't like something put you down.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't care for EG much. In fact, I don't really like the pairing (only because Flash to me is the least interesting male character of the series) but I can't judge a story without reading it. With that said, continue what you're doing. You'll eventually get better at writing with practice and I urge you to finish this one :twilightsmile:

Please continue! There isn't enough FlashLight fics out there and this is looking really cute! Don't let the haters win! :fluttercry: :raritycry:

2812379 Haha, Flashlight is the best name for it.

2812375 Thanks, I really appreciate that. I just get pissed because I'm never satisfied with my work, no matter what the rating is, so I always seem to find reasons to be mad at it.

Hey it happens sometimes. Just write what you want to write. Nothing else matters: the ratings, views, favs and followers don't mean anything if you aren't writing because you enjoy it. That's what I do. I write what I want and share it with others, leaving it up to them to decide if it's worth their time.

I guarantee you'll have more fun this way. Only way you can be a better writer is if you're having fun doing it :pinkiehappy:

2812436 Oh yes, that's what happening with my Ponyville's New Mayor story, which happens to be my best rated story so far. But that is 100% not serious. I'm only writing it for laughs to be honest.
I guess I should be more of a light writer than a serious one. And it's true, it is more fun this way.

I like this. It's a good start to a potential romance.

As for the bashing you've apparently been getting.... Yeah, it's completely pointless. I haven't been to see EQG just yet, likely won't be able to at all, either, considering where I live, but the whole thing about not liking Flash Sentry simply because of a movie..... Yeah. No, not cool.

Not a problem :pinkiehappy: I just hope to see more of this fic in the future. I'd hate to see it end just because a couple of neighsayers are being twatwaffles.

Is it odd that this is the first "FlashLight" fic I've read since seeing the movie the day it released in theatres?

Anyway, I really like it so far. After seeing the movie I now wish two ships were canon: this one and FlutterMac. I was actually quite disappointed when I learned that Flash Sentry was not going to be in Season 4. There's just so much potential there!

So, as others have said, ignore the haters, because "haters gonna hate" and you can do nothing about it. Just write what you want to write, and do it for yourself, not others, because if you try to please everyone then you'll end up pleasing no one, including yourself.

absolutely interesting. thumbs up

2812732 Thanks, and yeah, I was disappointed he won't be in season 4 too.

"But this is different, Spike. I've never been a princess before I've never led people." before. I've never led ponies.

Hehe ^^ I like to look for typos.

:unsuresweetie: EQG? Upvote, but not going to read.

I'll be here, guard the castle and the lovely royalty that reside. *guarding :derpytongue2:

2813898 Haha, great response!
2813920 Thanks for finding that.
2813961 Thanks.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. I went to the Blue Jays game tonight and came back to much better than I was expecting, considering how it started. I suppose I'll have to continue it :)

2813693 Well, thanks for the honesty at least.

Oh, hey, Toronto Brony. Fancy finding another one of your stories, hope to see more! :pinkiehappy:

2814293 Thanks! This is one of the ones I'm working on while I have writers block.


I liked it.

The only parts that I didn't like where the ones with that ugly princess Cadence in it


It's not really because of the movie. Well, for me at least. He just seemed so, generic? I guess, and god, that car with the fucking lightning bolt on the side? Really...? But I digress, he just didn't shown any personality at all in the movie. If they keep him (god forbid they do), hopefully they develop his personality from nonexistant to... better?

"I do," the older princess said while putting her foreleg around the lavender former unicorn's neck as they looked outside to the city through the window.

the blue part sounds kind of awkward, just say alicorn or Twilight, don't suffer from LUS (lavender unicorn syndrome, for anyone who read EzN's guide, which you should).

"Stupid wings! Go down!"

I really, really hope they didn't intend the subtext when they put that scene in the movie. :facehoof:

interesting story so far, i'm not really going to bother watching EQG, mostly because I don't like the premise of a mirror/portal that opens up to a parallel human universe every two or so years (then again, i tell myself the same thing about twilicorn due to the repercussions of immortality, but its a kids show, whatta ya gonna do? its the kind of happily ever after story young girls apparently love) :applejackunsure:

im definitely gonna watch this story though, as i said before this is interesting due to a ship that can be technically be considered canon

This story is now on my very long read later list (2 stories) for once i actualy gone and watch equestria girls.

2815895>>2815923 Thanks guys.
2815465 I'll try to fix that.
2814737 Lol she's not that ugly. I think she's cute.

Wait a minute... I actually got featured??? For this!?!? This is my worst-rated story ever.
Wow. One thing on my bucket list is finally complete, and where I least expected it!

hahaha i was wondering when someone was going to do this.
after watching EqG i knew it was only a matter of time.
looks interesting and i will give it a read :twilightsheepish:

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