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Sharing my appreciation for Changeling Stories.


Upcoming Update · 10:13pm Sep 3rd, 2016

Hi there followers or people who find read this blog post at this time. I'm going to re-write my story, Strange Revelations. I know its been a while since i written any chapters or anything. But i want to come back and at least write and finish this story of my characters. I hope i won't disappoint my readers. Especially since i have no editors to help me check it. But i know i'm writing this for fun, for myself, and those who will read this story. If you have any questions or have anything to

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Not A big fan but i like making up stories. :derpytongue2:

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Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Thanks for the watch ~have a pie

Thank you for the watch... :pinkiehappy:

1550011 I have enjoyed them as well, some in particular. Seems we have several groups for them on site as well.
From the looks, I may consider reading some of the stories listed among your favourites, they look enticing.

Unless the blogs are merely personal notes, you would like others to read the blogs, I take it.
Blogs can be used as advertising of stories, but just a bit more to them and they may be much more effective.

That is common, I think. I do go back to check details myself foo. We miss details, when we just wrote the story, details that is clear only after we leave them behind or somepony else point them out to us. Spell-Check only point out typoes and possibly grammar problems, never anything beyond that.

Oh well, so many stories, and so little time. Still needs to take the time to listen to the readers and chat with a few friends, aside from checking up the details and in general have fun with the show.


By the looks, you enjoy Changeling stories?

Yep. ^w^

Though you could try to put a few more lines and substance into the blogs?

Sure. X3

From the looks, the story has a reasonable word-count for the 4 chapters.

Thanks. I need to go back and re-write chapters a bit and fix things. X3

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