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Are you a Rebel?


After an alarming trip through a black hole in his fridge, Nigel M. Chalmers finds himself in a colourful peaceful country populated with a throng of friendly ponies... in the body of one of their nation's worst enemies. Of course it all goes to pot.

Follow him as he attempts to make sense of his new body, makes new friends and maybe even finds love...
Or not, after all this is Nigel we're talking about, all he's probably going to do is insult everyone and drive everyone insane.

Follow the gripping tale of action, comedy and romance.

Will Nigel make it back home in time for the office Christmas party? Will he avoid a painful death at the hooves of multi-coloured Equines? Will he finally be re-united with his beloved cheesecake?

You can only find out by reading this fic, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare to get wrecked.

Edit: Well, someone did a great reading of the first chapter, thanks to KaBar41 for the reading.
The Reading of Chapter One

I wrote this fic as a side project to Nigel M Chalmers, Emperor and saviour-or-destroyer to try my hand at a transformation story. To all of you who hate the whole "Turned into a pony and makes friends with everyone" I'm going to shatter your misgivings like 300 kilograms of armoured Biped smashes a window. There will be violence in later chapters but for now it's just pure comedy.

Featured on the 12/5/2014

Coverart done by Avatar of Madness

Chapters (17)
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I'm gonna go ahead and skip this one. The whole human transformation thing doesn't really do it for me.

I will look forward to more NMC, E though.

Ps. What does the M stand for?

Oh, Nigel. You magnificent bastard. :rainbowlaugh:

Nigel alway's know's how to make a good first impression doesn't he.

Anything with Nigel in it now gets a instant fav from me. Loving all of these stories so far.

I have a feeling that Nigel is going to very swiftly turn the tables on the Equestrians when they think they have everything under control. He has a talent for that sort of thing.

I saw the cover art and assumed this was a Regidar story. But, strangely, I was mistaken.

I think the important question is: what happened to the cheesecake?

I have... no idea who Nigel is...:trixieshiftleft:

But seriously, now I want to find out, bloody brilliant fanfic here! :rainbowlaugh:


He's just a Character i created for my first fic, he proved to be hiliarious to write so i thought why not use him more.

The hoof was attached to a black hole-riddled leg

Clearly then, it was a changeling leg that stole his cheesecake. :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh, I wonder what they’ll try next” Nigel shouted sarcastically from the fountain “I really hope they don’t try to take me from above!”


Nigel allowed himself to drop under the surface as the ponies neared him, the two guards forced to hover just above the water as their quarry submerged
“What do we do know Sir?” Nigel heard the private ask, the sound muffled by the water. Nigel allowed himself to drop, his back legs touching the bottom of the fountain. He gritted his teeth; this was going to bloody hurt.


Private Breeze watched the surface of the murky water warily, worried that the Changeling could re-appear anywhere

That must be fucking dirty or deep fountain if they can't see him :applejackunsure:


I wanted to make the fountain farly deep, as i wanted to try to explain how he survived the fall from the sky.

It was a horrible idea to read this while I have cold-induced coughing. I'm laughing like a maniac and coughing out a lung in the process. :pinkiesick: BUT MORE!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Also, what is up with not putting periods at the end of paragraphs? There were a few other mistakes here and there, but over all, it was pretty well written. I would be happy to be a proofreader/editor/prereader for you if you like.


With the period thing i've been advised that if you continue with dialoge it's actully a good way to do it, as it keeps the text flowing. That may just of course be my Former English teacher's opinion but i think it works well.

Plus with the whole plot device i wanted him to be able to survive (Would be a short fic if he didn't) while also seeming to be a little realistic.

3639303 I have NEVER heard that. :rainbowhuh: I do know however that if you have the same character speaking for multiple paragraphs, you only put the end quotation marks at the end of the last one.


Eh, i think i can forgive myself if it is wrong, after all, i've seen fics with grammar that's bad enough to raise Hitler from the dead (get it?) but thanks for the advice, i may or may not act on it but it is appreciated.

3639353 :raritydespair: That's just PUNishment!
I keep hearing Nazi jokes Ann Frank-ly I'm sick of it! :twilightoops:


All of these puns are putting me out of Mien Kampfort zone, if only i had a final soloution to all of these puns jew keep hitting me with. I don't want this converstaion going any Fuhrer, it just isn't Reich.

3639400 Okay okay You win. :facehoof: I'm sure if I spent long enough looking through names of Nazi personnel I could find something to work with, but seriously, you win. I surrender to your puns. :applecry:

Oh god yes XD He's pretty damn rude! Must be a British thing! =P

You have add more chapters to this!

Damn, that private needs to learn how to talk.

“It’s def-de-defiantly a Changeling Sir” the Private responded shakily

def... def.. Definitely. Also missing a period.

“What do we do know Sir?”

To be fair though, it sounds the same.

Whinging. I honestly do not know if it is a horse thing, but I believe you mean whining. And Quite should be Quiet. Will be interested in this, but now I have to discover this Nigel-Verse someone mentioned.

can't review. too busy rolling around laughing:rainbowlaugh:
well other than this as a review letting you know..TOO FUNNY!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3639277 Incase you haven't noticed,Nigel and convenient plot devices are rather connected.

3641822 This is the first time I have had the *pleasure* of meeting Nigel.

3641827 Suffice to say,Things tend to both fall into his lap,And be incredibly amusing (Read the Story with the cheese wheel picture to find my favorite example)

I admit, this is good when it comes to the humor! xD

Well then, stick your dick in an anthill... that is... horrible xD

Good humor (though a bit too dependant on curses)
Lousy grammar. I recommend finding an editor or perhaps, you know, re-reading your own fic before posting it.
Crazy storyline so far. I'm not yet sure whether it's crazy in a good way or not.

3639400 damn you're good. :twilightoops:...


About the grammer, what are some examples? I know someone already pointed out that i miss periods at the end of paragraphs before dialouge (I get conflicting opinions on that, some say it's wrong while others say it helps the conversation flow) and i find that since i use MS word (I know, i'm not hip enough to use google docs) Fimfiction seems to do wierd things when i copy text in. Often i find missing words, formatting issues and the like.

Doesn't help that my eyesight is shot and i often can't see periods in Fimfiction at all. Any exaples you could provide would be welcome as i do wish to improve, it's just grammer seems to differ in different countries (I was taught in Australia and i know that we have some differences to the US, why i don't rightly know.)

3645063 I would have to read the chapter again for specific examples, but things like the pronoun "i" not being capitalized (I recall one instance), as well as misplaced commas (I recall multiple instances so you might want to touch up on English comma rules. Theres plenty of online resources).


Thanks for those, i must say i'm suprised that hardly anyone else has commented on them.

No problem. What good is a comment thread if it doesn't get used? The Name of the Rose

“The Princess’s arse is as large as the sun, blotting out all light as it sways back and forth, its obscene size warping the very fabric of reality itself”

pffft hahahahaha ohh .... that made my day.

3645412 This is why celestia has to take her interrogatie into consideration when giving orders

Still liking this story, but I wonder when Nigel might discover the up & downsides of being a changeling? Will he find out how to use his shapeshiting powers & that he needs to feed on emotion?

With his luck, he'll probably discover those things in that order & right after each other. :trollestia:

Good chapter, I'm bored now.

Man, Nigel is seriously the best OC that I've ever read.

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