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Think i'm stepping away. · 6:58am Jan 31st, 2023

To all my fans,

I want to start by saying that this post is coming from a good place in my heart. I hope you don't perceive this as self-pitying or defeat. For me, this is growth.

It's been so long. I started this fic when I was a sophomore in college. It's been so long since I was invested in MLP. I haven't even seen half of the seasons.

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The question is are you still alive 2 years later.

Perhaps this year... :pinkiesad2:

Great story :twilightsmile: I hope for a update or two this year :raritystarry:

Still alive. I should use the pandemic as an excuse to write, shouldn't I?

Hope youre still alive. I remember reading escorts journal back when it had like 4 chapters lol

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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