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Compass Rose evolved into Compass Star! · 10:19pm Mar 4th, 2014

Hey, quick announcement.
I decided to switch my name, since Rose is just one of my OCs, and doesn't really represent me.
That is all.

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Hey man you alive?

1555354 You need to talk to one of the other admins. They do all the mod stuff, I just founded the group, bro...

You still haven't added my group to the affiliates list.

1540578 I actually have no idea :twilightoops: There are hundreds of fics in the group and I have delegated literally all of the work to the mods. It has kinda gotten away from me, as these things tend to do. I see it involves diapering so it probably got placed in a related folder (if it has been sorted) sorry I can't help more.

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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