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Soaking Wet

I am a part-time writer who has been consumed both by the magic of ponies and the enchanting mystery of their sexuality.


"Power Ponies" This Week! · 1:48am Dec 18th, 2013

So this week, there's going to be a Power Ponies episode where Fluttershy has the power to get big and tear out of her clothes?

If I were to guess, I'd say this means the Mystery Box from the season opener contains the Elements of Debauchery. :raritywink:

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I miss you my dear :pinkiesad2:

Comment posted by Logan Victor deleted Mar 5th, 2015

I do hope you're creative 'juices' start flowing gushing again soon...
Especially if they're impregnation and incest flavored. :rainbowwild:

A straight-up breeding story with Spike at the helm once more would be particularly delicious...

What ever happened to nine tails if you don't mind me asking

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