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Project Horizons Revised Edition Status · 5:37am March 26th

Right, so have gotten the occasional prod about this, and just to be clear: I really have no idea if I'll ever finish it. Yes, I am aware Somber just threw PH in a ditch, went "Close enough!" and ran away. (Not that I can really blame them) Not bothering to fix any of the blatant mistakes and/or errors on it. And yes, you have told me my version was vastly superior to the original. (once I cut out the banter, and just fixed the issues)

But honestly, I dunno if I can get up the required drive to get there... the thing is huuuge. I have considered just releasing stand-alone chapters. Like the ones addressing, or "fixing" as you put it the part with the flashers, the lack of female rapists, "the rape", Stygius, Psychoshy, Goldenblood, P21, the Overmare, some of the mane six relations and Gummy knows what else.

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2146425 Naw, you're just jelly you're flat as a board.
And it's funny you try slander something by comparing it to your fetishes.
I would give you a Darwin award, but even that feels like giving you too much credit.

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2146415 You revealed that in your last reply~

2146369 Someone's jelly :heart:

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