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History of Fraud Within the MLP Fandom · 6:45pm Oct 21st, 2019

(Foul Language)

While I am aware that a huge chunk of people despise facts, the truth and/or irrefutable evidence in case it hurts their feelings: Here we go again.

For no particular reason, I just feel like covering the MLP fandom's absolutely abysmal statistics in this regard.

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They are better.

You should see my new descriptions.
Barely explains the content xD

God damn, you could write a book from your story descriptions alone. Stop explaining why you wrote something, it's like you're trying to justify your writing to yourself. And beating haters and neigh sayers before they tell you how shit your writing is. (It wouldn't be so bad if you'd employ some basic paragraphing and quit going off on looooooooooong tangents.) My god the tangents are so long. I forget what i was reading in the first place. It like you're trying to explain to the reader how they should think about what they read. I'm piss ed because some of these really caught my attention. Only to be treated to a vomit plate of mom's spaghetti.

Not really. Outside of the standard "gross stuff".
Or at least not glorified versions of it.

And I'm also a bit apprehensive when it comes to futa, due to the futa fanatics and their bile filled, hate group on this site. (granted, was years ago. Not sure if that group is still active.)

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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