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Project Horizons Revised Edition Status · 5:37am Mar 26th, 2017

Right, so have gotten the occasional prod about this, and just to be clear: I really have no idea if I'll ever finish it. Yes, I am aware Somber just threw PH in a ditch, went "Close enough!" and ran away. (Not that I can really blame them) Not bothering to fix any of the blatant mistakes and/or errors on it. And yes, you have told me my version was vastly superior to the original. (once I cut out the banter, and just fixed the issues)

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The "standard" futa in porn is a "dude with tits", due to that's literally what they are, and were designed to be.
In your hypothetical: If they started to act like the standard, cookie cutter futa after they magically got a dick: Then yes. Congratulations: They are now a dude. They were female, but they got genderswapped via magic. And in most cases: Are arguably not even the same character.

A character originally being X, is no excuse if they are magically turned into Y during a story.
IF however: Said character doesn't have a sudden, massive 180 personality flip. Then they could still be female in terms of identity.
It would all depend on context and actions.

If for example: Said female was a super sub, but then got the dick, became a mega dom, started calling themselves "big daddy" and shoved their hyper dick into anything that moved while never again using their pussy. Then they are no longer female. Especially if their ONLY reason to why they should be referred to as female is "Otherwise it would be gay!". They'd simply be a dude, with a feminine body.

I’ve seen A futa porn wear their was a normal woman with just a pussy she was having normal sex with guys and then this vampire used magic to give her a penis so now she has both parts i noticed earlier how u were saying all futas are just guys with tits but that’s obviously not true seeing how this was just a normal woman who only just had a pussy to begin with so basically what I’m trying to say is would u still say that this character is all of a sudden a male just because she now has both parts because of the vampire using magic to give her a penis leaving her now with both parts and keep in mind she was just a normal woman who had sex with guys all her life would she all of a sudden be a male just because she now has both parts because of the spell ?

2146425 Naw, you're just jelly you're flat as a board.
And it's funny you try slander something by comparing it to your fetishes.
I would give you a Darwin award, but even that feels like giving you too much credit.

Comment posted by Inspired Rarity deleted Apr 30th, 2016

2146415 You revealed that in your last reply~

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