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Project Horizons Revised Edition Status · 5:37am Mar 26th, 2017

Right, so have gotten the occasional prod about this, and just to be clear: I really have no idea if I'll ever finish it. Yes, I am aware Somber just threw PH in a ditch, went "Close enough!" and ran away. (Not that I can really blame them) Not bothering to fix any of the blatant mistakes and/or errors on it. And yes, you have told me my version was vastly superior to the original. (once I cut out the banter, and just fixed the issues)

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2146425 Naw, you're just jelly you're flat as a board.
And it's funny you try slander something by comparing it to your fetishes.
I would give you a Darwin award, but even that feels like giving you too much credit.

Comment posted by Starlight_Glimmer deleted Apr 30th, 2016

2146415 You revealed that in your last reply~

2146369 Someone's jelly :heart:

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