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Sensual Endeavor

Adelle the Unseelie Knight, creating this account to fave stories published here that she likes. And that's all you need to know.


Wow...what an honor this is! · 6:50pm Nov 6th, 2013

Okay, I don't know if anyone reading this knows about this, but around a month or so ago a couple of my friends, Nine Tails and Soaking Wet, created Sensual Endeavor, Miss Wet's sister and her first student. Recently (like, less than a week ago) I received a message from Miss Wet essentially asking if I wanted to take control of her, because of how similar we were anyway. My answer, of course, can be summed up in the title of this blog post:twilightsmile:!

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Hello you are cordially invited to join Soaking Wet's memorial School of Magic http://www.fimfiction.net/group/208424/soaking-wet-memorial-school-of-magic

990107 Ok then I was kinda worried he seems nice

987754 Oh dear...he decided to take a break from internet stuffs.

Sorry we haven't been as forthcoming on this:twilightoops:; he's fine though, don't worry.

Whatever happened to nine tails?

911073 Yeah, why not? Sounds awesome, in fact!

Sorry this is a little late.

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