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Welcome to the female human x pony group. Feel free to post stories.

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Just glad i could help.

367591 Yes it does. I had to ask because it's a herd situation and she will be falling in love with two mares. The herd isn't female exclusive though, there's a human male involved as well. Thus my lack of clarity on the issue.

I made this group for when human girls love ponys. if there romance going on bween her and a pony it would go here if not it might go better it other groups like human girls in equestria.
dose that answers your question?

Hey there I have a question. Forgive me please if I'm being dense as I sometimes am. But I have a story called My Little Pony: Echos of Dream Valley and it does indeed have a human female in a leading role. So my question is does it go in here or not?

One Too Much doesn't belong in this group, it's a male anon, and I just accidentally added it to Girl x Stallion, but it was already in Girl x Mare

What happened to the girl x stallion folder?
Oh wait... It's now a sub folder.

Add some forums.

As good as it is, "Keepin' Your Heart a Soarin" doesn't belong here. It's mainly M/M human x pony (and a bit of straight pony x griffon too), there is no human girls in there.

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