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Like a neglected and dejected pup, I roam. Also known as Swimmingly "Herr Direktor" Choppingston.


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Shut the fuck up about milesprower06 and let him be [never gonna happen]
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Wow I did all my things, oh wait no i didn't.

Swimminglys' crap export

I really like the Inner Demons series.

I do. Honest.

I dont have enough boxes to show my love.


The ironic and dark secret of Herr Direktor.

I have maj beef with milesprower06 yet i have two of his serieses on my page at the top...

I am conflicting.

Welcome honoured guest

LOLWUT? or Leave My Dick Alone!


i just found put that... · 12:15am Feb 24th, 2015

chickadees dont like the gay meat

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I'm deleting this account. Goodbye.

I told miles power (the idol that swimmingly had the one that got him into the fandom to begin with) even though swimmingly had been kind of aggressive towards him that was only because of how miles miles acted around him. He was banned for sending miles his own address (which he found due to a screenshot miles power had sent revealing his face book account name) even though he did things like this he deeply respected him as an author. Last night I told miles that he was had passed away and this was his response.

So... He's dead? Not dead?

Newsflash, I don't care. I don't care what you're going through, and I certainly don't care what happened to him after an alt account of his sent me my personal address, names of family members, and places of employment.
You send me another message like that again, you'll be reported as well.
Beat it.

Swimmingly is dead.

He ended his life on Monday the first of June.

Rest In Peace my best friend the days seem a little darker without you, yet i will not give up, I vow to treasure each and every smile for they remind me of you.

I just thought that those of you who liked him should know that.
I have contacted the admins to attempt to get one of his more popular stories transferred to this account so i can finish it his honour as it is what he would have wanted.

rip in ricce my best friend and lover, i swaer upon my mittens that i shall seek revenege upon those who suceeeded in ending your merciless killing spree of the innocent, rest now sweet prinse.

  • Viewing 101 - 105 of 105
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