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[center]Bye guys[/center]


Dear Princess Celestia,

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Things seem to be falling through the cracks lately. Spike thinks I should go see the doctor, but...

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Obs, I just want to say this is absolutely brilliant, probably the best thing you've written.

Awesome stuff as always, Obs. I love it.

Your trademark three Dahes. You should just get that coded in so you can press a button for that:rainbowlaugh:

That was beautiful. Great work! :pinkiehappy:

1726971 I think you used to use five. Why now three?

Obs made another fan-fiction? Good thing I brought a bucket for all these tears.

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1727058 I used to use five, then two, then three. According to math, 2+3=5.


Inb4 featured.

1726961 There's a pony for that.


inb4 feature box

1727057 Indeed... Very... Beautiful...
I'm not crying... :fluttercry:

That is haunting.

In time we have to give it all back...

I will talk on your writing ability, because if I talk on the story itself I will shudder and lay solemnly for a while before i sleep...

On your writing ability : It is very good.

:fluttercry: :applecry:
It's so sad, but sweet and cute and, and, feels!.
It's very good. And well written too, I couldn't see any errors aside the ones on purpose later on and the pacing and flow were good.

This was so ...sad in a way, seeing Twlight slipping away further and further.
Damn this story really went straight to the hearth, you've done an excellent job on this story my respects. Its just so freaking beautiful yet so sad.

Hmm.. was warned not to read this by the description, but did it anyway. Have a glass of tears for you.

Oh, man...:fluttercry: My heart, it can't take these feels. Great job. Just, great.

Welp. The feels are being felt.

1727068 When are you updating Solitary?

I'm glad I read this.

Beautiful One shot...

As somebody whose own grandmother suffers from much the same problem... yeah.

Gonna have to figure out some way to stop looking like I was crying before the fam' notices. ^^() Damned good, in that odd way this sort of story is.

Holy crap, that was really powerful. Brilliantly organized and delicately crafted. You handled the difference between Spike and Twilight's writing styles very well, and the slow decline of quality in Twilight's letters was a really nice touch. Great foreshadowing at the beginning, and a truly beautiful ending. "You know, she forgets my name sometimes, but she always remembers yours."

Thank you.

I'm kinda crying right now.....

Nope...Now its full on crying.

Fuck you Obselescence you made me feel.

Yet I also think I should thank you.


Awww poor Twi.

Many feels were felt while reading

Very touching, very moving. Thanks for writing this. :twilightsmile:

I heard you guys had a pretty serious mood in the comment section going on right now. It would be horrible if someone were to come along and...

... ruin it.

But thank celestia the magic of friendship can make the pain go away. :pinkiesad2:

This almost had me crying. It was very well-written, and I am a fan of how you made the whole story a series of letters to the Princess. Very well-done. :twilightsmile:

This is a fanfiction young writers can aspire to. Shows how you can break rules and still have a brilliantly crafted piece and it's an emotional gut-punch. I am in awe as much as I am in tears.


Damn... that hit me right in my manly, manly feels.

The feels. Arrgggh my heart!
Too sad.


Great fic, i loved it.

So Twilight has Altsimis Disease? (sorry about my dreadful spelling.)

1727449 You depressing fuck!
The pic isn't even valid! :raritydespair:
*climbs onto Rarity*
Now I must search the four corners of the earth to find that pic!
*kicks Rarity and rides off into the sunset*

you gave me a sad
and I just have to say that your an amazing writer

:raritycry::pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry: Dang it, you've got me feeling all sappy!

I'm speechless on how awesome this is. Thank you for writing this. :heart:

damn. Just... damn. Good job.

All i'm going to saw is that manly tears were shed:fluttercry:

I too have a similar Nana, and a proud one at that, so like Twiligh brushed off the concerns, and held the others to be... Not wrong or lying but, iuuueeh its complicated.
Anyways, when we finally got a proper diagnoses after she realised that something was iffy, she seems far more ok with it now, she feels she has an excuse to be wrong sometimes.
I love her and this story to bits.

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