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This is the story of seven friends and the years that conspired to keep them apart.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, last and greatest of the Equestrian Princesses, has loved more and lost more than anypony alive. At the end of everything, as she looks back on nearly one thousand years of rule, she remembers all the things she learned from all the people who left her.

This is the story of Princess Twilight Sparkle and how she finally found her way back to the ones she missed more than anything in the world.

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Wonderful! A story that somewhat makes light of *my* personal darkest hour in brony history.

The grammar and punctuation are quite nice, and your spelling is impeccable. Only a few, small mistakes here and there.

Overall, I think I'll be adding this to my favorites

Welp, that was really well placed.

This is going to be so majorly depressing. I just know it. I'm gonna cry when Pinkie dies, and maybe Spike if he ends up going too.

*sneakily presses favorite*

Oooh, man. Break out the tissues, this is gonna be a string puller. :pinkiesad2:

The hardest thing imaginable is to be an immortal in a mortal world. Celestia and Luna have long felt that burden and now, partly by happenstance, it falls on Twilight too.

I anticipate many, many feels.

Thus begins the rush of Twilicorn sadfics. One can only hope they're half as good as this.

Jeez Twilight and co. are just as bad as Blueblood.

Throwing her hooves around her seems appropriate, as does wrapping her forelegs around her.

First of two? You're telling me there's gonna be another death?!

Embraced is a good word to use when you want to convey wrapping arms. It is less species specific.

by celestias words from the last chaper i'm geussing there is a few not so sudden deaths coming as well. and not just from the average lived ponies.

I think I've always heard it as either hooves or forelegs.

Arms and forelegs are pretty much interchangeable, if you ask me.

First of two sudden deaths

Sadfic? Sadfic.


How long can a goddess of love survive when her love is gone?

2149141 There will be 2 sudden deaths and 7 natural. This story is about deaths.


Okay~ That was good. I've seen a lot of stories like this, but none with this amount of effort, detail, and ability to make me feel. Good job!

Cadence is dieing. Calling it now.

yup, Shiny's death is so devastating for Cadence, that's she's gonna die of a Broken Heart. it happens all the time with Couples that have been together for a VERY LONG time, or Couples that have a VERY DEEP Love for each other; when one dies, the other usually loses the will to keep living, and "Dies of a Broken Heart"

This is a problem when the princess of love takes love too personally. Existential crisis for Cadence. Thing is Celestia is doing exactly the wrong thing as Twilight is the only hope she really has.

Cadence is the second sudden death, no?

Haven't finished this yet, but I noticed:

I always knew we were six and a million

Do you mean six in a million?

I think Celestia is doing something that seems right to her but will ultimately blow up in her face and possibly cost her Twilight and the Elements' complete trust. What she's doing is giving Cadence the opportunity to die in peace and dignity, knowing that she is not causing her little sister and her friends undue grief; she doubtless also thinks she's 'sparing' Twilight. What Celestia seems to fail to realise is that Cadence probably would want the comfort of Twilight's presence in her final hours and that Twilight surely deserves the right to say goodbye to her beloved older sister.

The road to Tartarus is always paved with good intentions. Celestia is about to learn this to her cost and, if she's very unlikely, the cost may be borne by all of Equestria. Why? For what grieves Twilight will grieve Fluttershy and Discord is unlikely to forgive such high-handed treatment of his friend's friends.

Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out; went back and fixed it

i'm still wondering about some things i mean celestia well last only as long as the sun yes, but luna is the moon and the stars. how well she fade when the stars are eternal?

Technically, all four-limbed mammals have arms. The front 'legs' have shoulder and elbows to the rear legs hips and knees... et c.

Skulduggery. Skulduggery and shenanigans

This was beautifuly written can't wait to read more

awwww poor cadance and Twilight (hugs poth ponies)

Personally, I have Twilight and Pinkie at 21, the pegasi at 22, and AJ and Rarity at 23. At the end of season 3 ofc. Not sure why others want them to be in their teens. Maybe so they can relate?

I really hope the Farmer is Granny Smith and not Applejack. Granny Smith is long overdue for her funeral. It will be hard for the Apple Family but they all know death well enough already...

Dayum, 'Tia. You just got schooled! :ajsmug: :trollestia:

That scene with AJ was spot-on. :pinkiehappy:

Lots of innuendo and hints in this, although there are some facts emerging. Celestia might be dying and is certainly suffering from some type of dementia that is causing her to be short-tempered. It is implied strongly that this is an age-related issue and that it might possibly affect Luna too, possibly shortly. Twilight's role therefore changes radically to that of an heir, not just to the Crystal Empire but possibly to all of Equestria and to the Sun and Moon themselves.

Can anypony hold such power? From Celestia and Luna's comments, time is beginning to run out and they might have no choice but trust Twilight to take over, whether or she wants it or feels able to bear it. Of course, the way Twilight and Celestia's relationship has been strained can only make this transfer harder and can only make it harder for the Sisters to persuade Twilight to trust their judgement on this matter.

One last thing: Go Applejack!

It's more due to the fact that Earth equines mature a lot faster than humans. Even taking into account the fact that the Crusaders have remained recognisably foals for at least two years, juvenile Equestrians might still be younger than ten years old. So the Mane Six all being younger than 20 makes a certain degree of sense, if you accept that theory.

welp, I'll just leave this here about Cadence dying of a broken heart:

looks like the First Element of Harmony to be Decommissioned is gonna be AJ. I bet the Deaths are gonna go in the same order as in Episode 1.

i disagree with luna on many counts pertuicularly it hit unforgivable when celestia decided to hide the fact that cadence was dieing from twilight just after her brother died. there is a point of no return and celestia hit it worlds ago. please tell me discord is gonna smack her? i mean he has the authority and even he wuldn't stoop so low. unforgivable? what she did was loathsome, monsterous. so yes luna it has gone past that point.

Cadence sighed and visibly steadied herself. “Walk with me, Twilight?” Cadence asked, offering an arm to Twilight.


Nah, Just kidding. Great chapter, can't wait for more.

The writing is just brilliant!

Ok, that was just mean. How dare you do that to fluttershy!

I suddenly had a visual of a cold, emotionless Princess Sparkle walking down a corridor, flanked by two guards. But that's not important. The important thing is this: Long glove or short glove, Fluttershy? Which do you pref- oh. Oh my. :fluttershysad:

I saw winged coatl and thought of this. I hate this guy so much. Right in the face.

Anywhoo. In the guiltripping mess that is Twilight and Celestia's relationship where does Luna fall? Have they also not talked for 8½ months?

He hurt Fluttershy :|


...It's Coatl-huntin' season. *ALL OF MY RAEG. Mis-spelled on purpose, because RAEG*

Good chapter, poor Fluttershy.

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