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AU in where Twilight is a dragon but still is Princess Celestia's student. Twilight has a more logical head on her shoulders and takes her job as a caretaker to Spike more seriously than canon.

motherly!Twilight, manipulative!Celestia

Idea sparked from Winter Quill's stories Growing Up With Scales and Sparkles and Scales

Cover art courtesy of Majestickfire9

Not Beta'ed, all mistakes my own. Don't like? Don't read. Cross-posted on ff.net under PlutoMilo

Now being rewritten: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/533926/the-element-of-magic

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You call this complete?! :twilightoops: This fic has barely begun to live! :twilightangry2: I know you got a few more chapters in you yet. :twilightsmile: I mean, you still gotta deal with Discord and the rest of the villains. :ajbemused: So please, from the bottom of my heart, please continue this, too good for words, story?:fluttershysad::fluttercry::applecry::pinkiesad2:

ahhh XD
it's bc i have adhd, my inspiration comes and goes and I don't suddenly want to leave this thing hanging for months on end lmao
tysm for the encouragement, ill do my best!

I can sorta relate. I got a few stories I'm working on and it's hard to write down what I'm seeing. I mean I know what I want to say, but going into detail? Really, REALLY hard for me to do, so I can understand what you're going through.

No need to apologize, It's your story. Besides, it's still good, especially this latest chapter, and no I'm not just saying that.

good chapter!
I'm waiting to see how it will turn out.

Ugh, Twilight. Whether in fanon or canon, you're still dense:facehoof: Other than that, good work. I eagerly await the next installment.:pinkiehappy:

I got to say i been enjoy your story here quite a lot, So yeah my hats off to you Cheers:twilightsmile:

Hmm wasn't expecting that reaction from Discord when knowing about Twilight/Spike relationship, very interesting!:rainbowhuh:

let the games begin:pinkiecrazy:

Another reason why I never liked Return to Harmony. :facehoof: Seriously! To quote a certain xeno hunter: "Did IQs just drop sharply while i was away?" :twilightoops: Other than that, good work, as always mellonin. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

As much as I like John de Lancie as Q I absolutely despise Discord. Whereas with Q there was a bit of benign intention behind half of what he did to the point that there is an entire PC game based around it, Discord's actions usually are entirely based around causing trauma emotionally, mentally, and possibly even physically while focused on his self-satisfaction and counting on his "friendship" as a get out of jail free card. This makes him less a being of chaos and more just an evil douchebag. Hell he's an accessory to attempted murder in the show during season nine when you stop and think about it even though they don't openly point it out. On the other hand there are stories that change just enough details or more to change that or give him more of a Q vibe which is what the show was trying but failing to do. In most of his interactions with Fluttershy his focus is still his self-satisfaction and the season 6 finale (which I still say was garbage) does not change anything considering everything before and after. Also the whole concept that someone isn't evil because they happen to be "friends" with someone as a justification/excuse doesn't work. So long as he's well writ a good or rather a not evil Discord is believable otherwise I hope to see everything go pear-shaped for him.

Just curious is there any reason you spell Pinkie as "Pinky?"

i knew something was off... lmao i literally just can't spell right. no special reason I'm afraid

I'd like to see you do "Call of the Cutie".

This, is interesting indeed. I shall keep am eye on this here story

Well one more story on my follow list

I always love tricks like this, how did it happen this time,

Little over similar, was expecting her to fireblast nightmare, but that is probably unreasonable.

So two horns… magic fire is like a hammer, with is everything looks like nails

Great story, could use a bit of polish, the fight with nightmare did fit though:twilightsmile:

I didn't expect that to happen. Bravo!
I can't wait to see the reaction of Celestia and Luna.

Oh boy Celestia and Luna is in for a big sureprise:pinkiecrazy:

Ok this Twilight won't blindly follow Celestia's orders, she actually stops & finds out what the other side (Discord) thinks, well played!:twilightsmile:

Also just love her *gonna rip your head off & roll it down the street* attitude if anyone harms her son (Spike), regardless if it's inmortal or not! :twilightangry2:

Okay, I feel a description of Spike would help, and you misspelled 'Acres', but overall very good!

Twilight sparkle, heir to chaos and true princess of magic to be

Celestia handle that far better than i had seen coming


lol just love how this Twilight knows Celestia's quirks that makes her not a god (unlike everypony else:rainbowlaugh:) herce her treatment of this whole situation! :twilightsheepish:

“Perhaps in some far-off world, Twilight is still a pony and listens to rules obsessively,” Discord suggested.

Spike guffawed into Twilight’s hair, “Mom listening to rules?”

“I listen to some,” Twilight protested, rustling her wings indignantly, “Just the ones that make sense to me,”

*looks into canon G4 screen* Nope, not listening to rules there either! :rainbowkiss:

Should be a hoot seeing Twilight learning from Discord, can't wait! :twilightsmile:

And just like that, the rest of the show is thrown out the window

Ultimate goal accomplished... and several (unnecessary) steps skipped. I call that a win!

This can only go well. But i have a feeling discord is going to say something along the lines of "simply will yourswlf there!"

You know i don't think this Shining armor is the sharps knife in the draw, For if your sister is a Dragon you might want to let her know of things like this Yourself, Tho that might just be me not wanting to be a living fire

This might be a manipulation from Celestia to try and get the siblings to reconcile. It has been my one critique of this story that Shining reacted the way he did when he never reacted that way with Spike. But this is Plutomilo's story and they should tell it the way they want. And so far their doing fine.

I, dont think chrysallis will be ready to deal with a pissed off sparckle dragon xD

My only gripe is we didn’t see Dragonshy... do you know different it could of been with a dragon Twilight?

Reminds me of “Twilight Gets a Puppy” Twilight.

Ooooh shining's in trouble~

This is such a different take than what I usually see in stories and I am LIVING for it! This is awesome so far! :yay:

trying so hard... im sure. doesn't take long to write a letter.... or have the princess send it for you.

well i am thinking of making a separate book for all the small adventures since some of the episodes would be radically different with twilight as a dragon. however, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and overwork myself. I write as a hobby, the last thing I want is it turning into a job of sorts.

for now, ill stick to writing the season finales and beginnings and then see where that takes me :)

Shining Armor and even those newer guards needs a ass kicking, or be demoted after this! Maybe Twilight would say it herself. As retaliation for what they did to her, and it sounds "better" than burning them to a crisp!

Plus, Twilight got PROOF this time. The Alicorn/Unicorn Horn's color and connection to the user's eyes color. It's supposed to match Cadence's clear blue eyes. Not light Green, and we all know who that is!

I dont think chrysallis is gonna survive to appear in later seasons somehow

... I really want to drop a certain guard Captain from a very high altitude.

Don't worry y'all, Shining Armor's behavior will be addressed soon, promise.

You've got some work ahead of you to really explain why he's been such a huge prick in this story.

good luck, but just so you know twilight is a dragon AUs are cursed, only one that i know of has ever been finished, and that one was only one chapter long and ends with her turning back into a pony.

The rest of the ponies did as bade, quickly scurrying along. However, one pony, who was very pink and had an even poofier mane, let out a dramatic gasp that had her lifting off the ground despite being an earth pony. Even more vexing, the said pink pony sped away so fast, she turned into a pink blur.

You have met the Village Idiot. :twilightoops:

dw, i don't have high hopes for this either lmao

sooner or later I'm going to burn out, hopefully not for a while tho :D

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