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For most ponies the day they get their cutie mark is the day everything changes. That was especially true for Twilight Sparkle, as the day she got her cutie mark was also the day Princess Celestia took her on as a student, she gained a new little brother and started on the road to her future.

It was also the day she became a dragon.

Custom cover artwork by Elza Fox
Editing and so much more by Klamnei

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Well done, well done. Applause.

love it! BRAVO!

This is an excellent one-shot. I love how in-character this all is despite the circumstances that make this alternate universe. I also really loved how Dragon-Twi recounted the details of how she became a dragon and Spike become a pony . And, yeah, Pony-Spike being the fourth (and only male) Cutie Mark Crusader was a great detail too as was the fact that, despite being a pony, he still has jaws strong enough to bite through gems and digestive juices strong enough for him to still eat A FEW gems without getting sick .

And, yeah, I certainly wouldn't mind a sequel especially the thought of Chrysalis getting surprised that her "groom" has a dragon for a little sister or seeing how Starswirl's "fixed masterpiece" spell might affect her as a DRAGON or, well, there is A LOT of sequel potential to say the least .

9146591 Don't forget the EG universe, imagine how that'll change.

this was nice a wholesome

Maybe she'll be a werewolf.

Interesting and rather cute concept. Makes for a fun read. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Makes me wonder how the "Secret of My Excess" episode might play out in this continuity. Although given Spike's age in that episode, something similar might've already happened to Twilight before she came to Ponyville.

there needs to be more stories like this, with Twi as a dragon i mean, not just Twi being something other than a unicorn.

What they said!!!

9146653 Maybe something along the lines of a female version of Weregarurumon perhaps?


This is amazing. I really like dragon twilight.

Honestly my main questions are A) how big is twilight, and B) how does this world's DragonLord quest thing go?

I assume she's only around Pony size, considering spike's size in the show, and Fluttershy's reaction to her.

Oh, and asparagus has stalks, as in plants, and not stocks, as in business. Might wanna clear that up near the end ;D


No encouraging the digimon fandom. they're bad enough already.

love it. and it does need more. if you want. . thought o be fair, i would like to find a story where twi is a dragon, with the largest library/archive in equestria, as her hoard. bigger than all of canterlots archives combined with the rest of equestrias libraries.

I found this to be quite enjoyable. The only downside I see is that it is a one shot.

9146755 Just saying okay.Besides Renamon is best mon.

This is really an interesting idea, and quite detailed one too. Would you mind creating a sequel on the Summer Sun Celebration episodes? That would be so awesome! And maybe Discord would swap species between her and Spike as a joke during their first encounter?

Cute. And the art of Dragon Twilight is also cute.

But now I wonder...

Given that earth pony Spike has retained at least one draconic trait (and a draconic name, how curious!) I wonder if he will sprout wings in a couple more years. You know, because that's also a subtle draconic trait. :rainbowlaugh:

she remembered far more of her life as a dragon then as a pony.

It was just easier to let them assume what they wanted then for her to take the time to explain it.

Should be "than".

She snicker at that


and with about a half a days notice.

Missing possessive.

Spike had been have problems


This story was awesome I can't wait for a sequel

Wanderer D

Well done, some corrections are needed, but I really enjoyed it! Here's hoping we get to see more of this little world of yours. (Like maybe Smolder or Ember?)

There are many stories that make me laugh about the sheer stupidity of the down-voters... But this story? Almost 100 to 1... Whoever the down-voter is, he/she most likely has an IQ below 60... But that's just my opinion...

Want a sequel!!!

Really like this. Would like to see as a big story from when she turn in to a dragon til now un the seasons. But over all I enjoyed it always liked twilight dragon storys

161 up votes and still only 1 down vote. wtf

Hide the books! No haven’t read yet just the idea of Twilight as a Dragon got me imagining her going on a book hording binge. No library, bookstore, or school will be safe!

Going to edit later after reading.

Finished and I agree with others. MORE PLEASE!!

Great story premise id love to see u or someone do a rewrite of the MLP story with this concept

The beginning of a new world is upon us.




Yeah. I could very certainly see THAT. That would (or at least COULD) certainly be included in the "A LOT of sequel potential" deal.

Glad to see you posted this!

Normally I enjoy these one-shot slice of life fics, but this one just bored me. It wasn't bad but it wasn't outstanding, just kind of mediocre.

Oh god, she'd be a dog, wouldn't she?

The Guantlet of Fire would be incredibly interesting to see in this setting.

Hm, very interesting. I like your writing style here too. I can't explain what, but there's something about it that's very fitting for the type of story this is.

I wouldn't mind this turning into a mini series. I'd personally love to see how she would interact with other dragons and how the Blood Stone Septor would react to Twilight since she still has her magic. Would she be able to resist its will, could she overpower it?

I just had a thought, if in magical mystery cure twilight became an alicorn would a dragon twilight instead become a draconequis ?

9147315 Or a very large wolf.

That might be good to see. That would mean she would actually be powerful enough to keep Discord in check even WITHOUT the Elements of Harmony AND she could safely accompany him when Tirek escapes. I doubt Tirek could fast talk her the same way he did Discord, meaning Tirek would be back in Tartarus BEFORE he absorbed enough power to become a serious threat.

Which is just as well because it would have made A LOT more sense for Twilight to get the final key from the ponies of Our Town by teaching them about REAL friendship. All that would be needed would be a logical way for Twilight and her friends to find out about Our Town that did NOT involve the Cutie Map.

Wanderer D

9147327 Yes, but I also really want to see how she changes the dynamics with others! XD This has so much potential! I love the whole idea, and I really like how it was handled in this short story. So many questions! So much possibility for unique character development! From biological imperatives/changes to psychological effects on other characters we have met, from Trixie to the dragon in the mountain, to Garble... how did NMM handle it? How will Discord react? I mean, not all has to be covered, but damn if I'm not intrigued.

Well, from the snippet at the end, apparently Twilight was taken over by greed when she saw the red dragon's hoard in Dragonshy. But out of all the things you suggested, I really want to see how Trixie's first visit plays out. She was boasting about being the "Most powerful/magical unicorn in Equestria". Twilight is a dragon in this, so would Trixie hold the same resentment? Would it be stronger because she was bested by an individual whose species shouldn't be capable of using unicorn magic?

I've of the same mind as the others: this concept has so much potential, and I would love to see it expanded upon. I think the element I like the most is the fact that Twilight still has her unicorn magic in addition to her dragon abilities, making her quite the unique entity in Equestria. That alone could redefine so many key moments throughout the show's timeline; I'd love to see what could be done with this AU.

Another element that has a lot of potential and could be its own oneshot or more: Spike. Now that he's an Earth pony and palling around with the CMC, there's no telling what kinds of mayhem their adventures have caused. Ooh, and this means that he could actually get his own Cutie Mark now! But for what, I wonder...?

Great work on this, and I certainly hope to see it expand into something more.

I would like to point out a couple of minor errors I noticed, though.

“I reckon they are,” the farmer replied, her eyes flicking down over Twilight’s flank. “Yours most have been a doozy,” she added a moment later.

Most should be must here.

“Not really,” Spike replied, “just the usual questions about if I wanted I wanted to be a dragon again, or what it was like to be a pony.

One of these needs to go.

This was great. I have to agree with the others, in that it would be wonderful if there was more.

I love this, and I want to see more of it. There are so many questions that could be made into stories. Being originally a dragon, will/can Spike ever get a mark? (Twilight getting one implies that he cannot) Are there any other lingering things from Spike's dragon heritage other than the ability to eat gems? (durability, extended lifespan, etc.) How would Twilight handle interactions with other dragons like Garble or Ember? Does Twilight eat meat?

Point is I want MOAR!!

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had been have problems


Wow, there are so many great comments, thank you all so much! I hope I can respond to them all, and I'm going to try!

Chrysalis is going to be in a big surprise, not just because she's a dragon but because Candace foalsat Spike for years. While Celestia could dismiss Twilight's concerns as being a form of dragon greed, having Spike back her up will cause a ton of changes.

When it comes to Magical Mystery Cure, in canon it's heavily implied that Celestia knew what the spell would do and that Twilight would end up as a princess. In this timeline, with her being a dragon, Celestia wouldn't be planing for that (it's part of why she was disappointed when Twi asked her to stop trying to find a way to turn her back).

Yep, she's going to end up a large dog. And Spike (who goes along with her) will have to do a lot more work, teaming up with the human CMCs and Twi's friends to save the day. There is also the possibility that Sci!Twi might already be there and human, the reflection being of who she was as a pony not who she is now. But that's still up in the air.

Twilight had a bout of greed growth when she was younger. Spike likes to call it The Overdue Library Incident. Short version, Twi got unlimited access to the Castle Library... and ended up out growing it!

Twilight is about the same size as Ember is, maybe a bit chubbier as she's had a more sedate life style.

Spike might keep other dragon traits, including being even tougher then a normal Earth Pony, but I don't think he'll ever get his own wings. As for the name, well they did expect them to be turned back at first.

And yes, Spike will eventually get his own cutie mark. I don't know if it will be part of the shared one with the other CMCs, or something different, though with how much a part of the group he is that does seem the most likely.

I hadn't thought about doing a stand alone story with the new CMC... that is a very interesting idea!

Boast Busters would probably be the first canon story that would go very differently because Twilight is a dragon. While she might hesitate a bit, she's used to being noticed by everypony and once Trixie starts messing with her friends, she's more then willing to jump on stage... where she precedes to completely humility Trixie magically and verbally, far in excess of what was called for in the situation. Trixie flees in humiliation while Snips and Snails want to prove that she is Great and Powerful, resulting in the Ursa attack still happening (Though because Trixie was already on her way out of town her wagon survives).

This also leaves Snips and Snails not liking Twilight very much, so when Spike joined the school they shunned him, which is why he ended up with the girls.

Her interactions with Garble are... different. You see he's really the first male dragon of her age she's ever meet, and during the dragon migration she was very happy to fall in with him and his group of dragons. To put it simply, where canon!Spike and Garble can't stand each other, Twi and Garble are just... mutually embarrassed.

And yes, she can eat meat (those teeth have to be useful for something more then gems) but she doesn't really do it around ponies for the usual reasons.

Same here, which is one thing I'm planing to avoid at all possible. While there might be flashbacks, or maybe a collection of scenes dealing with some of the changes to the older stories, I want to try and tell new ones to show how these characters are different from canon.


Yep, she's going to end up a large dog. And Spike (who goes along with her) will have to do a lot more work, teaming up with the human CMCs and Twi's friends to save the day. There is also the possibility that Sci!Twi might already be there and human, the reflection being of who she was as a pony not who she is now. But that's still up in the air.

By "Sci-Twi might already be there", do you mean at CHS during the first movie? That would be so interesting to see, especially the interactions between the two purple book-lovers.

This is a neat idea! Twilight being turned into a dragon, and Spike into a pony, by the test, I don't think I've ever seen this used by an author before! And I really liked how she had come to accept things, and her relationship with spike! If this oneshot continues, will this explore some of the dragon issues, like dragon greed and the dragonlord's call? And what about the -ahem-romance side of things for poor Twilight now?

great story, and keep up the good work!

Well, this is interesting and an good beginning of something new. Keep it up mate and you will go far

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