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One night, Twilight woke up in Canterlot.
Little did she know that she woke up in an Equestria that was different from her own; an Equestria where love is dead and harmony was unheard of, Celestia and Luna are tyrants brought to power with black magic, and Twilight Sparkle has a bounty on her head for crimes against the crowns.
Lost and confused in a mirror of her home, Twilight is saved by a phantom. Some say that it is the spirit of Cadence, exacting her revenge. Others say that it is a new alicorn, come to restore justice. While some still hold that it is a heretic. All know the one thing always left behind in its wake: a single white feather.
In a world where Love is dead, and Harmony undiscovered, will Friendship survive?

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Loving it so far, you've managed to rope me in even though I don't usually like this genre, :pinkiehappy::heart:

Poor Steelsmith. This is Jean Valjean if Javert decided to be cruel. I like the way the story just opens with a lot of questions, but still give a clear answer that things are not sunshine and rainbows.

Last scene there really reminded me of bioshock infinite at the job auction

4796335 Really? Still need to get Bioshock Infinite.

4796969 It's an awesome game and yeah, but there they auction jobs off based on how quick they're willing to do it.

This is pretty good can't wait till update

5036711 Thanks! I'm working on the next chapter right now.

Wow short chapter but good non the less

Interesting story. I wonder what the next chapters will be like. Instant Like and Favorite for this story. Good luck writing more chapters.

Is this story dead? It would be nice to see the rest of it.

5529445 No, I fully plan to finish this story; however, due to my computer dying, the holidays, and a new semester in school (not to mention a mean case of writer's block)have gotten in the way. Don't fear! I have not given up just yet.

This is good. How comes it has so few likes?

There is some great story development .... I wonder which rode this will take ...

5680738 Thanks!
5681365 I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

When is the next chapter coming out?

5782568 Hopefully, it'll be sooner over later, I have about half of chapter 5 done, but I've been having to spend most of my writing time for school.

You know, this really wasn't bad. Too bad you never continued it, though.

She heard the cloaked pony gasp. “I can’t believe she did it…. You’re not from…here, are you?”

Its Shiny, isn't it

Twilight popped back in a dark alley not a hundred feet away from the mineshaft. She looked back to the four guards, and knew that they didn’t mean to follow her. She found herself trembling. The tears flowed freely from her eyes. She looked down at the blood that covered her chest and forelegs and vomited on the loose cobble pavement.

Jesus fucking Christ, its like an underground Great Depression

I am extremely disturbed for the lack of another chapter

Well that escalated quickly. This story is both disturbing and fantastic. I do hope you continue it.

Dead fic? shame, I was hoping to add this to my to-read later list.

I think this would have made for a good unique story.

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