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This story is a sequel to Sparkles and Scales

A collection of short stories based on Sparkle and Scales.

Twilight Sparkle may have achieved her dream of getting into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns (even after being turned into a dragon), and became the personal student of the Princess herself, but those are only the first steps on a much longer road.

Still ahead of her are her first days at her new school, trying to make new friends, understanding her changed biology, being a big sister, and discovering just what some ponies think of her new species.

She has a long way to go before she can rediscover the Elements of Harmony. These are just some of the events on the way.

Custom cover artwork by Elza Fox

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 97 )

Neat, this AU's continuing!

I liked this. I got a kick out of Twilight's dragon-isms, and the whole situation with Shining Armor was well-handled.

Have a Like and a Follow, Mr. Quill. I look forward to seeing where this goes!

awsome continuation of great story/AU

THIS AU IS TOO CUTE AND AMAZING FOR ITS OWN GOOD! Insta-track, favorite, and upvote!

Cute as heck, favourite and following :yay:

Before I read this or recommend it to my dragon-loving friend: What is this story rated T for?

Because over all there are going to be bits in future stories about growing up and other such things. Nothing explicit, it's mostly just there to be safe.

Like... what do you mean?

It's mostly for what could come up in the future with other stories in this collection. At the moment there isn't really anything objectionable in this story, I just wanted to be safe for the future.

Like... as long as it's not something suggestive, both me and her would likely read it. (And if it is, no hard feelings, I just won't read it)

Nope, nothing suggestive.

Then we'll probably give it a read.

In Shining's defense, the parents do deserve a bit of the blame. At the very least, Night Light should have said something about how Twilight looked different when they were making their way home.

I can feel for shining


In Shining's defense, the parents do deserve a bit of the blame. At the very least, Night Light should have said something about how Twilight looked different when they were making their way home.

Yeah, they really do. It's kind of a thing with the Sparkle family, we saw that in the show with them forget to tell Twilight that Shining was getting married until the day before.

Despite reading this stories prequel, I discovered I wasn't following you. This mistake has been rectified.

Well this is an interesting start, I'm always up for a good dragon-centric story. Hopefully they figure out how to let her be a dragon, rather than just a dragon-shaped pony. Perhaps Celestia could take her on a trip down to the smithing district, a nice bask in a furnace would be a lovely treat.

That's the plan, and you see that a lot more in the original story. I do like that idea of Celestia and Twilight going someplace like that for a little bonding. That might show up at some point. :)

This Twilight will have to endure many hardships growing up. She might end up with much tougher mentality than the canon.

There are three things I am really looking forward to.
1. The epic fight scene with Nightmare Moon
2. Who will be the star in Secret of My Excess?
3. Will Twilight have to compete in Gauntlet of Fire too? (being a magical dragon should have an advantage)

Yeah, she's going to be a bit tougher then in canon, but with some other problems that canon!Twilight didn't have to deal with.

1: That may show up, though in a story collection dedicated more to retelling moments form the show.
2: Twilight does have her own experience with greed growth, but that happened before she was in Ponyville. It's usually referred to as the Overdue Library Incident.
3: Yes, and the Dragon Migration as well.

It's been a while since I read the original, so I don't remember; is Twilight bipedal-shaped like canon!Spike, or is she more quadrupedal-shaped like the cover picture? I want to imagine her more dragon-like than the pudgy two-leggers the show often depicts them as. :derpytongue2:

Makes me wonder about trixie and zecora episodes as well

Excellent job on the first chapter of this half-prequel/half-sequel series to your previous AU one-shot (as these stories will be taking place at various points in Twilight's life following her transformation, it stands to reason that a few of these will be set after that aforementioned story, even if those won't be showing up for quite a while yet). The exchanges, characterizations, general "episode" wrap-up and future "episode" set-up. And, yeah, I can definitely understand Dragon-Twi reflecting on both the upsides AND downsides of being a dragon, in addition to the Guard-training induced instinct misunderstanding concerning Shining Armor(and the heart-felt make-up FOR the aforementioned misunderstanding) .

1. And, yeah, I have a feeling Twi's "molt" won't go QUITE as badly as Spike's did in canon (mainly because Shiny's force fields probably wouldn't let a single roc get through to get after his little sister), though it might still be very eventful in other ways (especially if it gets pointed out that, now that she has wings, she is also going to need to learn how to fly, but once she does, she'll have ALL of the BASIC abilities of an alicorn [i.e. being able to fly like a Pegasus, being stronger and tougher than all except the best conditioned Earth ponies her size and age, still retaining her unicorn magic and having a much longer life span than a normal pony] PLUS flame breath).

2. And, as mentioned in other responses to other reviewers in your previous story, it wouldn't be hard to visualize Spike still retaining a couple of other "dragon" traits even after being turned into a pony (such as being three times stronger and tougher than a normal Earth pony colt his size and age or having an aging process that stays the same as a normal pony until he reaches young adulthood [at which point his aging gradually gets slower, allowing him to have a life span comparable to that of a healthy dragon]).

3. Baby Spike's first meeting with Cadance should be downright cute (to say nothing of his first meeting with the other three Cutie Mark Crusaders later on).

and 4. I am definitely going to be looking forward to seeing Twi (as well as possibly Shining Armor and Cadance) put a few of the foals stupid enough to actually bully Spike in their places.

But I digress. At any rate, I will very certainly be eagerly looking forward to as many of these snippets as you can think of (but will also respect that you also have your own life AND inspiration might be hard to come by at times).



Spike still has a small amount of dragon in him, just like twilight has enough unicorn to use magic
so hed probly get called by the dragon lord too, that would be a fun time explaining that to torch and ember
and if spike still has enough dragon to react to greed....what would happen would he become a nightmare breifly instead of a giant?
that would certainly give him and rarity something to bond over if so dont you think? and haveing him, twilight and ember all 3 be besties forged in the fires of the gauntlet would be even cooler then just spike.

also im snickering in my head imagiining 'princess' twilight later on trying not to nibble on her own palace, though shed likely be a princess in name only, or perhaps she would go thru something of the draconic equivalent of assencion? what would that even look like....turning matalic and geting a second set of wings maybe?

Final edit: oh i forgot to mention, this whole chapter is carved of 100 percent pure weapons grade cute!

Those were already mentioned multiple times in the reviews of the previous story.

But not in detail it seemed more like skimming over them then anything else

It's good to see this continue. It was one that deserved it. Keep up the good work.

is she going to meet other dragons in her youth in canterlot and is celestia going to get her a dragon teacher to teach her about dragon stuff.

“It’s early, but want to go to Donut Joe’s?”

Twilight’s eyes light up for a second, before she sighed and returned to brushing off the ash. “No,” she admitted.

“Why not?”

Twilight paused for a moment, then sat down across from her brother, her back to the hot flames of the fire. “Because a lot of ponies treat me like a monster, and I’ve had enough of that today.”

Awww, poor Twily :fluttershysad::fluttercry::heart: Burn them all! With vengeance! :pinkiecrazy:

Shining smiled down at her. “Is it really so bad being a dragon?”

Twilight made a face. “Of course it is! There are so many things I want to do that I can’t until I turn back. I haven’t even made any friends because I want them to know me as a unicorn, not the weird dragon.”

Hey! Ponies may start musical numbers out of blue, but whenever you do something cool, an awesome soundtrack starts playing!

I'm excited for more.

“I would love that,” he replied. He lowered himself down and motioned for her to climb on his back. She quickly scrambled on, then grabbing her sweater and winter gear, they headed out the door.

If she's that sensitive to the cold, she's going to look like a body that's been wrapped up inside a rug... :twilightoops:

well she is a dragon which are cold blooded

I'll be honest the original made me want to write it out well basically this myself (note that I love designing AU's and thinking of the twists and turns that can arise from them) I, however, did not think you'd make a squeal I'm super glad and excited. I'm not about to post my own little story work off YOUR idea it was going to be just for personal fun so I'll be VERY interested to see where we differ even if I'm only writing for myself and for fun

Au contraire, mon ami. Dragons are very much hot blooded. It is the source of their flame, after all. But at the age she is in this chapter, the young Twilight's scales are too thin to help insulate her from losing all her heat to the cold. :moustache:

its only their inner fire that gives them warm blood without it they are cold blooded

9466759 9466774

Cold-blooded. Highly doubt it. Sensitive to the cold, maybe.

i suppose we will have to disagree as this is hardly the place to argue such things its disrespectful to the author. if we must continue lets move to pm or my profile!

this well make the canterlot wedding likely twice as bad.

please keep this story going, I love to see how Candace, follow by nightmare moon, discord and evening the changling queen react to twilight dragon self

I look forward to more! :twilightsmile:

Started reading, but stopped after the first few paragraphs coz it seems so miserable for Twilight. I don't know if I can continue this, unless it gets better for her. (I just like it to be more lighthearted, at least when villains aren't around)

But, don't stop, a lot of people love this and don't want you to let them down.

...If you had read all the way through, you would have seen it gets better.

Right now she's about the same size and shape Canon!Spike was at the start of the series, but she'll grow up to be more along the lines of Ember's body type. Though not quite the same build.

Spike can still eat gems, though he won't have any greed growth. Though having him be summoned by the dragon lord... I hadn't thought of that, but it does make it more interesting.

Part of that is one or both of them might be fleshed out into a full story at some point due to how they chance from Canon.

It's a kind of a combination of things. Dragon's aren't cold blooded, but at the same time their inner fire is a magical one, so it don't really give them any extra heat. Having nothing to hold the heat in, and being so small, basically makes her very susceptible to the cold.

If one wanted to, you could make a good argument that MLP Dragons are more akin to mammals then reptiles. We know some dragons can have hair, and some of the body shapes are suggestive to have a bust...


It's not truly miserable, but it's still hard for her at the moment. If anything this story represent the low point for her (you'll know it when it happens) but Shining Armor helps her feel better.

Oh, that's really flattering, and I think's it's fantastic I could inspire you to play around with the idea as well. :)

That is fair enough. I look forward to what you come up with

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