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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.



Dragons are not hot! Or at least Twilight keeps telling herself. Seriously, what's wrong with a little meddling in transmogrification magic from time to time? It's not like there can be any... 'unexpected' side effects, right? Tried and tested, completely safe! That is, of course, if there's not somepony with a secret crush also involved.

Featured: 12/4/18

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Oh very nice story bro love it. As for one who dosen't care much about shipping. Its a good story rather just say its that then oh then care about the ship. Its silly and this coming from a former Digi shipper.

Not my cup of tea, given the pairing but have a like anyways.

person I think spike and ember would be down to let twilight in,

I agree. I so see thar being a thing. They let her join in dragon form and than in her original form lol. It would be funny seeing how Twi react to both Spike and Ember flirting with her. I could so see Twi moving to the dragon capital with Spike and Ember and being with foal before the year is out

oh i can see that with dragons that the dragon lord would have a few mates, but ember being one who would want those who are smart, loyal, and love her for her not cause of being the lord.
I be rolf if they been try to figure out a way to get twilight in bed.

I'm always up for a little bit of light-hearted body horror, how about you guys?:twilightsmile:

Wouldn’t be an interesting twist if this had nothing to do with messed up transmography.

Also, mur pls.

welp twilight is turning into a dragon

what's the shipping here? pm me if you want to answer please.

9330789 There's a few ships in this. The main one the story focuses on will become clear in time.

Well, you see, we've all been invited to dinner with AJ and Rainbow tomorrow evening. They're celebrating their second wedding anniversary, after all," Starlight elaborated.

HAHAHAHA Finaly A New Appledash Fic...sorta....:rainbowdetermined2::heart::ajsmug:

And so, the transformation begins...

This is looking quite interesting. I have to see where this goes.

Oh yeah, this I'm definitely keeping an eye on.

Spell failure or atavism. I could see either at this point.

Soon ponies will be begging Twilight to swallow them alive...

...because everypony knows dragons are the best for vore, lol.


that it i am sticking around for this i have been smiling like a mad man the whole way :pinkiecrazy:.

More dragon stuff? Say no more

Hahahha more Dragon!Twi fics? Awesome. :moustache:

At least you're not dragon out the transformation.


Edit: Besides that, it could use a bit of editing. There's a handful of misspellings and wrong words throughout. I can edit it if you're interested. There's a bookshelf of stories I've edited on my profile page.

9333806 Sure if you're up for an editing job that sounds awesome. Can PM details. :twilightsmile:

Go for it. I already have a bunch of editing jobs, but they're all sporadic.

I just saw this story in the featured stories :pinkiehappy:


At least you're not dragon out the transformation.

Ooo, what you mean?:unsuresweetie:

9334179 If you're offering help. Though, someone did just offer and edited up this story a little.

ok just let me know when and on what, I don't mind

Great I am happy to see a new chapter for sure. I SUPER can't wait for the next one with the Party. I think she can fool everyone, but Spike and Ember. They will smell dragon in heat all over her and that will draw their attention and get them all over her. And lets be real this might be a deep fetish for Spike. He loves Ember and wouldn't ever change that, but he has also been raised and grew up with Ponies, Has shown attraction to ponies, so to find one that is attracted to him and is a mix of both his types will be a big turn on for him lol. I just hope our dragon couple come and claim Twilight before Luna can lol.

There is no hiding that from the princesses

Yeah. THings are gonna blow up. POnies are gonna freak out!! Spike might faint with shock, while Ember will be mad, irritated, and confused as to what is going on with Twilight.

As for the princesses? I have no freakin' clue how they will react!!

I can't wait for more of this!

That illusion won't be of much help. She obviously still has say claws and her friends will feel that when they hug or something. Oh boy, this is going to be fun.

So basically Twilight has discovered that she is the Dovahkin?

Starlight placed a hoof on her shoulder, a reflection of the lilac mare appearing at Twilight's side in the shimmering glass. "Just try not to think about it, all you have to do is show your face for a bit... What was it you told Rarity, it's an alicorn thing right?"

Oh, sure. :ajbemused:

If only Twilight and Spike just married in the first place.

Twilight, would you consider an ambassador position in Dragon Land? :trollestia:

Problem the first. Since Spike and Ember will be present Pinkie will have layed out gems. Face it Twi, you’re doomed.

My guess, and hope, is that the soul-‘corruption’-thing happened when she got her mark. I always like stories that build on Twi’s connection to Spike.

Really loving this story. It's a nice slow-burn tf that's taking its time. All the characters sound and feel about right and how they'd act in such a situation. Can't wait to read more!

Interesting chapter for sure. It is funny seeing how hard Twi is working to stay hidden. I cant wait for Spike and Ember to show up. That is when the fun will really start lol

Comment posted by DragonPony deleted Dec 12th, 2018

Oh Celestia, what I would not give for glasses like that right now! Twilight mentally yearned, eyes passing from the DJ across the sea of partying ponies. Yeah, you can't see strange, freaky, purple dragon eyes through purple shades, right?

Though, that brings to mind...

Another great chapter. I cant wait for all hell to break loose upon the arrival of Spike and Ember.

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