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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.


After finally working up the courage to ask the mare of his dreams out on a date, Spike arrives only to find her preparing for a date with somepony else. Heartbroken, the dragon is left to wonder where he really fits in the world, and consider the fact that he may never win Rarity's heart. Little does he know that life has a surprise for him, in the form of Rarity's younger sister Sweetie Belle.

Featured on: Equestria Daily!

Edited by: Infinite Affection and lunargaurd4ever.

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Saw this in group. Will read later and let you know how it is:twilightsmile:

Aww, such a beautiful story. Yeah, I suspect that's one of the main problems with Spike and Rarity shipping, she falls for every handsome stallion that comes her way and therefore becoming committed to anypony would be a very large problem with her.

A very touching, well-felt story. The feelings between Spike and Sweetie Belle were balanced quite well, seeing as they both shared the narrative.

I loved the theme of moving on with your life: for Spike, it was finding love in another; for Sweetie Belle, it was moving on from her hometown to pursue her dreams. It takes a lot of strength to do both, and in this case, a dragon and pony helped each other.

A very find addition to a fascinating couple, even if it's not (as of yet) canon.

Thank you for writing this story. Best of luck in the rest of your work. :heart:

Happy Writing,
~Mr. Page

The idea to it does not appeal to me fully. I like Sweetie Belle and Spike, but not a fan of it being more of a consolation. I prefer it when it's more liking her for herself, and less about liking her for how she's like Rarity.

Beautiful, 10/10 ign would see again. This is a great ship fic. Nice job on it

Amazing!:pinkiehappy: So romantic (though I would have preferred Sparity). Loved it, despite the ship. Hope to read more of your work!:pinkiesmile:

7475041 Yeah, originally I planned to do a Sparity story, but I couldn't get them to work as well for the story I was after.

Should have another ship for my next story though.

7475049 It's alright! What's the ship in your next story?

7475052 Not absolutely sure yet. Although, there is a mane six paring I really what to do, but I need to come up with an idea for it. I can say it's not one I've done before, yet I won't spoil it.

7475061 I'll put a ton of guesses into this comment;


Comment posted by XenoPony deleted Aug 12th, 2016

7475077 Oh, I get it! I Pinkie Promise that I won't tell anybody. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!:pinkiehappy:

That fills my cute quota for the day. Thank you for that.

I ship:pinkiehappy: it actually

A sweet little story it is. :twilightsmile:

waving her forehooves in playful epenthesis.

I didn't even think one could do epenthesis with gestural language... :twilightoops:
("emphasis" I assume was meant :rainbowlaugh:)

Cute, but I really don't think Spike's main reason for being into Sweetie is that she's Rarity's sister. That's kinda what this feels like.

7474575 Fun fact, originally I planned to have Rarity in Sweetie's place, and it would have been a completely different story. Then that idea came to mind and well... Yeah, she can come across as very fickle sometimes.

Actually, Rarity's interests when it comes to stallions are relatively narrow. She's exclusively into male unicorns of high social status (three out of three), and has a non-exclusive preference for white-coated ones (two out of three). But that's precisely the problem. She doesn't even seem to be into ponies of other tribes, let alone dragons. It's abundantly clear that Rarity isn't interested in Spike romantically, but she continues to lead him on in order to get favors from him. Not to mention the mess of unfortunate implications that is Secret of My Excess. I think the whole Rarity-Spike situation is handled very badly in the show, to the point where it's downright creepy. It has essentially ruined Rarispike as a ship for me.

7474575 The other issue is the lesbian relationship Rarity is currently in IN CANON, but DHX won't say anything about it publicly because of the backlash they'll probably get.

Great little story.

This was really good, nice and sweet-ie, I really liked how you bought Sweetie and Spike together, but this is one problem which I have with the ship.

It just feels like Spike likes Sweetie who's the younger sister who he used to love. It seems this ship is just a sweet seconds oh I can't get the girl I like. Well her sister is pretty as well, I guess I'll go for her.

P.S this has nothing to do with your story, I was looking at the also liked box and it so weird sering one of my stories in there

Comment posted by TimtheBigDaddy deleted Aug 27th, 2016

7487391 Wait what? Rarity is in a lesbian relationship?

7515149 What? I don't think you understand what I meant when I said that it seems weird for Spike to go for Sweetie Belle after Rarity regret him for another stallion, like "Oh if I can't have Rarity I guess I'll take her sister."

7515161 Wait did I reply to you? I'm sorry, that was meant for SapphireLibra3's comment saying that Rarity is in a lesbian relationship in canon.

7484112>>7515474 I'm not too sure about that either, no one's been confirmed to be in an lesbian relationship in cannon. The only two that have been massively hinted are Lyra and Bon Bon, not Rarity:unsuresweetie:.

7515474 Based on my observations, it seems like the show is STRONGLY hinting that Rarity and Applejack are a couple. I did a whole blog post on it, if you're curious.

Dawww, the end hit me fight in da feels. MY FEELS, MAN!

7861953 Sorry about your feels. I should have put a feels warning on this.:twilightsheepish:

7862763 its ok, it was good and thefts all that matters. And thanks for giving attention to the ones who comment, its cool to be acknowledged

7862863 not theft, thats

Dang, this is actually really well done. I'm on the fence with shipping involving Rarity, Spike, and Sweetie, so this is really cool. Though there are a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors, this was well done.

7862863 No problem, good points deserve to be acknowledged.:twilightsmile:

As sweet and heartwarming as this tale is, and the fact that Spike did find love with somepony that truly loves him for him, I've got to be the one with the rain clouds. It's obvious, but I have to wonder how everyone handles it, especially with this implying that Sweetie Belle's already an idol and a young mare that just got her a boyfriend and a blatant 'fuck you' to anypony that wants to object otherwise, and an additional 'Who gives a fuck what anypony thinks that my boyfriend is a dragon?' feeling? There's always those ponies that claim that it can't work; I guess I want to just have the two of them (now that they're a couple) put it out there, no bullshit, no beating around the bush. Just state it: "I'm Sweetie Belle, and I'm romantically involved with Spike the Dragon, vice versa with him. And it doesn't care what you think, we know that we're made for each other. It just took us both longer than we thought."

Maybe it's just me...I have to admit, I want to see that SpikeBelle rub it right in Rarity's face. But I know that neither Sweetie Belle nor Spike are that crass to do something like that. And possibly it would be like a "I knew it all alone" line from Rarity.

I'd love to see a sequel where due to sweeties idolhood they hide their relationship. Could be interesting to see rarities reaction/spikes jealousy of the fanboys.

There were new things he adored and admired, while he admitted loved Rarity because of her glamorous looks, she didn't have the understanding of his feelings that Sweetie seemed to possess. That wasn't to say that

Sweetie didn't look as beautiful as her sister, in fact, the lack of all the glamorous accessories and a constant need to stand out in a crowd appealed to him far more. Maybe that was what he'd come to understand that night by the campfire. Perhaps it was then he'd seen a mare for more than her looks, and that underlying understanding had been with him ever since, slowly undermining his fragile love of Rarity and leading his feelings towards something more grounded in truth.

This sudden paragraph break is a little jarring. Otherwise, it's a decent read.

What is love?

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

I just love this story. :derpytongue2:

A beautiful, yet simple story. You just inspired to start writing Spikebelle fanfic.😍I love this !

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