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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.


Today I did not wake up in a place I recognize. Not that I can remember how I got here. Where even is here? A castle of crystals in a magical world of pastel-colored talking horses. It's like a dream, only I'm also a wearied, mutant bug monster.

What in the world is a changeling? Oh, and what is that about a war we're apparently responsible for? This looks like it's shaping up to be a hell of a new day, at least, if I don't get squashed like a bug before it can even start.

Featured: 2/5/19

Edited and pre-read by: Emtu and Indigo_Celeste

Thanks to all the pre-readers that helped reorganize the first few chapters:
TheOneWithoutAName, TheClassyLeviathan and Mind Jack

Cover art by: KlaraPL

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Comment posted by Replica Knight deleted Feb 5th, 2019
Comment posted by Replica Knight deleted Feb 5th, 2019

I’ve had the same two people disliking every story I’ve made (usually within ten minutes of the story’s release)

So yes I can confirm

Pretty much. I've even seen stories that had 300 - 500 likes, yet someone posted them in the 'Well, that was shit' and 'unoriginality brigade' or other groups of similar toxic names.

Let's see where this takes us.


I Just think some people expect heavy sex stuff or shipping and when that dosen't happen they do that.

There's also a possibility that they have high standards and if the story isn't exactly as they want it, they'll dislike the story regardless of its popularity or how well it's written. It also could be that there are tropes/story themes they deeply hate and they'll give it a dislike out of spite rather than honest opinions and criticism.


Yup and sometimes you get very toxic messages from people like happen to me once because you don't have it PC friendly.

I was going to, but now I won't because you told me to. >:c

So ya dislike good stories... Then don't take it out on me

Don't get yourself caught in a self-fulfilling prophesy there. It's silly to look for trolls or boogeymen where they don't exist, and accusing others of being trolls at the drop of a hat or even assuming that there are a bunch of trolls present will only create animosity where there originally wasn't any, especially towards you. Advising an author to not use the voting system because some people might abuse it is not a solution.

Things are going well. No need to be negative yet.


Trolls are gonna troll... just ignore 'em and move on.

Nah it's just a warning cause I read good stories years ago and now I thought that I could read them again and saw that they had a lot of down votes. But I'm not accusing anyone so I'm sorry on that note.

Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Feb 5th, 2019

I can't talk to Klara right now but I just wanted to say that the cover art is beautiful and I love it!

9442057 Have to admit, when it was made, I was worried the story would be second-par by comparison.

this motherbucker gets Kudos and likes for a great start.:rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:

Very good transition sequence.

bruh what the actual fuck happened in this chapter


Well this happened.

The way you described backgrounds is both amazing and not overly excessive. It's a beautiful blend, and if not for the fact the story stops here I would have thought I was reading a book written by a seasoned author. If this only a taste of what's to come, I don't know if I can handle the wait!!

Oh no, what's crazy bug queen been up to this time?

Walking it seemed was the last of my concerns, however, as my newly dextrous ears perked. The sensation of the things like antenna atop my skull forced a wince, yet what the neatly sensitive sensors picked up on made my heart skip a beat and sent a chill from wing tip to wing tip. The large doors cracked open, the only sound to herald the voice that followed. I felt sensation drain from my body once again, right as the numbers ceased.

Gah! Darn you, I'm hooked.

Well this was one hell of a start to a story
And one hell of a protective thing for that wall. Dustification

This is difficult to read through, your language is too flowery.

I like how you painted this picture here

I've gotta say, the first paragraphs of this story are among the best I've ever read. This chapter embodies the meaning of 'poetic'. Honestly some of the best words I've read in a while. Thank you!

I'm interested from the thumbnail alone! the guy just looks oddly smug on that table like he knows he's not supposed to be there.

Okay, this actually looks really interesting. Tracking.

"Changelings have been extinct for years."


Interesting start. I look forward to more, so please don't let it die out as other great stories have.

"Starlight, you know that's impossible," she began, words seeming to catch in her throat again before she finally announced. "Changelings have been extinct for years."

Oppa! This is one of those stories. OK, I'm tracking it.

It's over, I'm finished. Dumped in some strange joke of a world to be swatted or eaten by crazy purple ponies! My mind raced, and for once I really wished it was not the only thing to be going so fast as my useless hooves dragged along the floor.

Why do I now want a story with a one eyed, one horned, flying purple pony eater?

Huh, so thats the little hook on this. Ought to be interesting.

So he's the first new changeling in years? This ought to be good.

Also, you are top of the featured list as of today 2/6/2019

New chapter for today! Stay posted for part three tomorrow!

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am that you have a release schedule. Especially with a cliffhanger like that...

"Changelings have been extinct for years."

Whoa whoa whoa...WHAT?!

So what are Thorax and Pharynx and all the rest of 'em called?

Awww, no poor last buggo!

9443821 It's got an AU tag, so anything, right?

Loving it! Can't wait for more. The writing quality is very high, and the pacing is well done, too. I mean, I feel it's a little bit slow, but that's only because I'm so used to HiE fics having breakneck speed rushing to throw the protagonist into Equestria as fast as possible. This is a nice contrast.

edit : This fic reminds me just a tiny bit of changing-views, one of my favorite Hie -> Changeling fics.

You can never get rid of the last bug. They always come back.

Eh, good point.

What do you think happened? Massacre? Virus?

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