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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.


This story is a sequel to Love Sickness

Love and relationships are never easy, so much commitment, stress, and care. Especially when you're stuck on a trip to the far reaches of the world and beyond. Battling monsters, nightmares and pursued by pirates along with goddesses only know what else. Someponies would say it's all worth it, they're usually right. Yet when somepony's love also accidentally causes a change in species, especially so far as turning you into a dragon. It's probably time to reconsider.

This story is a direct sequel to Love Sickness, therefore it is recommended that you read that story first to understand the context here. Nevertheless, the themes in this story are hopefully going to be far more adventure focused than the last one.

Edited by: Emtu.
Cover art by:KlaraPL

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 18 )

New mysterious character introduced! Let's hope our Bookie Princess won't get turn into something different this time.

For some reason I got a massive Treasure Planet vibe from that!

The Scrunch has caught my attention. You have piqued my interest.

At that, Twilight had to fight hard not to feel faint. A journey by airship? The little princess in her head was giddy with excitement. Dear Celestia, I really am living out an adventure novel!

Rainbow Dash would sure be jealous.

Nice going Luna. You're managing to f**k up more than ever. And this one is a thousand years old.

I guess when you just vanish for a thousand years it's kinda expected that there's going to be a million lose ends you never tied up.

Hmmm, maybe there'll be treasure... Lots of treasure. She almost had to smack herself to keep from drooling as Luna once again spoke up.

Bad Twilight. This is not the time to go on a dragon greed rampage.

For some reason i really liked luna's smirk on the cover

hexagonal granite pillars,

The Giant’s Causeway and other such structures are formed from basalt, not granite.

"Neigh, thou hast no idea... I..." Luna's sudden shouting trailed off into a squeak. "I... Okay, perhaps, but any pony of such merit was so rare."

Well, you are an alicorn. Very few natural born ponies are as tall as you - let alone taller.

I'm still curious on the story there. And on how many alicorns are around.

I'm still wondering about twis size... About the size of regular folk or 'dragon sized' least the large end of the spectrum

9794762 She's not a huge dragon, but bigger than Luna, obviously. Plus, probably bigger than dragons like Ember.

I don't think, xeno was active a week ago, and most likely has slowed down with the outbreak, or/and is working on others stories.
I'm keeping my hopes up

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