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I think far, far too hard about things. These things include magical ponies.

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Why is Raven like a Writing Desk? · 12:58am March 15th

They both flap.

Poe wrote on both.

They're both covered in black.

Beaks and pens both leave a mark.

Both make words that can startle or spook you.

A fine example of both will catch your eye. So to speak.

Writing desks are old, and so are dinosaurs. A Raven is a dinosaur.

Tara Strong plays both Twilight and Raven. And Twilight is an avid writer with a quill.

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Just wanted to say I love your gryphon image you used. And you had a great response to a story I just read about the Mane6 crashing a costume party, yupp, the castle dropped it this time, i do agree.

I'd love to see how Celestia reacts to this....

Thank you for faving and commenting on Mr. And Mrs. S.M.I.L.E. :twilightsmile:

It comes of hanging around the fashion industry. Nothing wrong with her of course, but associating with that much Discordant nonsense still can't be good for you.

Come to think of it, canonically Rarity has a bad habit of being possessed/corrupted doesn't she? Poor girl...

I love that story. The first dress is clearly a trial run for the second. She has an unfortunate habit of making eldritch, strife causing dresses...

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