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I think far, far too hard about things. These things include magical ponies.


Princess Celestia has an assignment for Daring Do, and shares a dark secret. Thorax and his hive are not the first Changelings to reform. But every hive that has done so in the past has been cursed, a dark power blighting their eggs and leading to extinction within a generation.

It must not happen again.

Daring Do's mission? To delve into the lost history of the Changelings and find out who, or what, refuses to allow them peace. Before it's too late.

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Nicely done! Both Daring Do and Celestia are well-drawn here. And it's an intriguing premise as well: a "colony collapse disorder" mystery... I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Well now, this looks to be an intriguing mystery.

And does Daring have feelings for a certain princess, or is everyone just a bit gay for Celestia?

This is off to a great start! Dating and Celestia's banter is amazingly good, I loved every exchange between the two of them. I'm generally not a fan of first person narrators, but I already couldn't imagine this story any other way. You've done it so well that I'm reconsidering my opinion on first person as a whole, in fact :raritywink:

Very interested to see where this goes and find out more about your changelings. Also looking forward to seeing Starlight show up, as I noticed her character tag up there. Keep up the good work :yay:

Excellent work!
The dialogues are excellent, the inner comments of Daring are really good and the characters are so well written they seem alive. Well done!

Reconsidering a whole way of writing is high praise indeed :pinkiehappy:
And yes, Starlight will indeed be getting involved.

Going by the evidence so far, I think the answer is Yes :rainbowwild:
Or as a wise person once said, "I don't know man, I just write the thing."

The characters seeming alive is always the best thing I can accomplish :twilightblush: Which is where you get things like Daring unexpectedly flirting outrageously with Celestia :derpytongue2:

Interesting parallel...
Hope you find out what's going on soon. Onward!

As someone who likes to dabble in first-person from time to time myself, I applaud how well you succeeded, as I've noticed even at least one anti-first person critic has been won over! I wish I could do that, to be honest. :fluttershysad:

Aaanyway… This caught my eye as soon as I logged into FiMFiction today, and I had to read it. And it did not disappoint. You've earned both an upvote and a fave with just one chapter (of course, anyone who faves should also upvote, since tracking exists, but I don't think I'll ever win that battle).

Another thing I really like is the bend of comedic and serious elements. Like a real Drama, as it was called all the way from the ancient Romans to Shakespeare and beyond. I love the original definition of Drama, and it's great to see others making fics that fit that definition.

The story itself is amazing, too, so far, and I can't wait for this to continue. This mystery has got me intrigued: what could possibly be doing this to hives that reform? Can't wait to find out!

This looks like a nice start--bit of an infodump, but at least it's fairly concise. I'll be keeping an eye on this :twilightsmile:

Nice job! I can't wait to find out what's happening!

I’m going to guess that changeling love is like rabbit meat, there may be plenty of it, and it may be delightful, but you can’t live off it. They need dietary supplements.

What if Chrysalis knew about this, and is just waiting for the hive to die off so she can resume control?

Octarine level clearance.
Thud! with Yaks and Ponies.
Coffee that needs alcohol to balance its effects.
I see what you're doing here. :raritywink:

A great story so far.


Don’t forget the dread ark’kive, with bibliodons and Thesauri. I was expecting her to only venture into the archives armed with a bunch of bananas. I’m half expecting her go bag to have hundreds of little legs and equicidal tendencies.

I think the Wordsmith would appreciate this, not bad reading at all.

It's a good question to be asking.

You'd think that eating love from within your own community would be energetically futile, but it turns out that love breaks conservation of energy.

I MAY be a huge Pratchett nerd yes. Though actually Daring hasn't discovered L Space and is just being sarcastic.

L Space is a different adventure.

"Strong and sneaky"
...Which griffin is which?

"Gilda starred" - she sure did, but in context she probably "stared".


Still, it must be like living off meat and two veg. You’d think that once in a while they’d want to go out for a curry, and if they’re feeling really indulgent having a curry with named meat, even if the meat did go neigh.

Gabby threw a vial that enveloped the alley in a cloud of sweet smelling purple smoke.

You do know the implications of what you just wrote, right?:rainbowderp:

you had gabby throw a splash-potion-of-lust into the alley:facehoof: gilda and gabby are fucked. literately:rainbowlaugh:

I'm liking where this is going. Now activating tracking beacon.

Despite what you'd expect, the vast majority of an archaeologist’s work is in the library.

Indiana Jones said something similar, I think. Also, now I imagine Daring Do's father as a pony version of Sean Connery.

Good, because that is exactly what you should be doing.

...No. Please rank up your alchemy score, not all sweet smelling, purple, aerosol-delivery potions are Changeling aphrodisiac.

If you're really curious, it's a smoke bomb griffons can see through and ponies can't mixed with a soporific so anyone who gets knocked down stays down. But for the purposes of the story that doesn't matter.

So far interesting. I like the narrative style of a constant running internal monolog. I am looking forward to possibly seeing it in a situation where she does not have everything under control, externally quipping while internally wondering if she's going to soil herself.

I just stumbled across this story, and... wow! It's a great concept, and it's being well delivered. I'm really excited to keep reading!

Fantastic, Prachetty fun thus far. Gabby as an all too eager alchemist is a wonderful if somewhat disturbing mental image. Eagerly looking forward to more, especially Stygian's reaction to somepony geeking out over him of all ponies. And this one isn't even a goateed shut-in!

Daring, I need you to be my eyes in the past. See for me now what I could not at the time. This must not happen again.

So, if she assigned single mare to the problem this time, does it mean that last time military sensibility had won in the end? :rainbowlaugh:

Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Wow great story can’t wait for chapter 4

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