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How White Chocolate Almost Ruined Everything · 2:10pm Feb 5th, 2022

Do you like deep lore? How about meta-lore? It should come as no surprise that over the course of three years writing daily, plans can change a lot. This is a story about how things once were going to go, which I rambled about a few weeks ago in discord and figured I'd do a deeper dive on here, to record it for posterity and because I don't post enough blogs and bet it'll make for a decent yarn. It should go without saying, but there will be a lot of TOW meta-spoilers for how things could have

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Extremely late congratulations on the massive accomplishment of The Olden World, Jurist. Yes yes yes.

You're welcome, awesome possum. You deserve a smile!

Always here to spread the cheer! 💖😇💖

Here, have a cookie. You're my friend-a-doodle now. :pinkiesmile:🍪

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