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The Year that Didn't Happen · 11:47pm March 9th

On March 5th, right about a year ago, I left work early because news had hit that covid was in the schools and it was time for things to close down. I didn't particularly mind, because TOW was at the end of its final arc and I had already taken the next week off so I could dedicate everything to the ending and then relax a little afterward in peace. It just felt like that break came in a few days earlier. And so I hunkered down in my apartment, eating frozen ramen and other bachelor food while

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You're welcome, awesome possum. You deserve a smile!

Always here to spread the cheer! 💖😇💖

Here, have a cookie. You're my friend-a-doodle now. :pinkiesmile:🍪

2758544 The Noble Jury? Folks from here. Fans of Short Skirts & Explosions' Austraeoh.

Mentioned here, what's a Jurist?

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