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Welcome to the Two-Faced Charade Contest group!

If you've found your way here then that likely means you're here to write for the story! Here are the rules along with a reminder of the prizes:

A Two-Faced Charade Rules and Guidelines

1. The story must tackle the subject of cheating from a sympathetic point of view. Just telling us that it's a bad thing won't work. I wanna see why it's happening, and I wanna be able to feel for the character committing the act.

2. All entries must be a minimum of 2k words, and a maximum of 15k words. No more, no less.

3. M-Rated stories will be allowed, but the "porn" tag will not be permitted. If it's an engaging story that has a sex scene or two in it, go for it. If it's 3k words of Big Mac sucking off Shining Armour, you need not apply.

4. All entries must be new. Any story originally published before January 1st, 2018 will be deleted.

The contest will start today and run until the dawn of midnight on February 28th. That's two full months to make this work if you're entering.

1st Place

$200 (via Paypal)

2nd Place

$50 (via Paypal)

3rd Place

A basic background two character art commission courtesy of KairiPancakes and a $10 dollar Amazon Credit.

At the moment the different judges are skilled in various different genres. While we've all dabbled in multiple each of us is particularly skilled/familiar with specific genres.

Each judge brings different opinions and tastes to the table and if more judges are added Famous will choose experts from different genres making the judging process even more diverse.

Remember that this contest isn't so much about the cheating act itself but more of what the act means for the character in question. Why did they do it? How do they feel after? Make it unique, make it fun!

Feel free to message any of the judges or post a thread if you have any questions or comments. I will be watching the threads hourly to make sure any concerns are addressed as soon as possible!

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Can I add my story Not So Loyal Dragon into this group?

I hope the results are made over a blog post or something. Last contest I was in, the host didn’t notify anyone but the winner of the results.

Deadline was moved to March 7th. The guy running it said after that he'd try to get the results out as soon as possible.

Shouldn't the contest end already?

Alright, better late than never! This was one hell of a ride, I hope you like it :twilightsmile:

Now that Aragon's contest is over, let's have a crack at this.

I was recommended to this contest because my most recent story was Featured and had to do with Cheating. So I’m totally in on this and will do my best to write something fun. :twilightsmile:

Cant wait to see what you all do!

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