Seriously, it isn't a cult. Yogurt doesn't get cults, weird eldritch demons do. This group is dedicated to Fimfiction's one and only yogurt writer, NorrisTheYogurt who does stuff like writing and complaining that he doesn't have a fan group.


1) Put stuff in the right folders.
ii) All site rules apply here.
3) There was a third rule?
5) Shitposing is welcomed.
Six) The thread is mainly for calling Norris a faget.
a=5[2] - [4+(-1)]) Threads don't count as valid rules. So speaketh Norris.
८) Anything Muggony says is wrong

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414867 I'm afraid that medals are too gay. Only Norris gets them.

They say 'faget'. Without a trademark because he keeps making knockoff medals for himself.

I say we burn him. As a witch. A faget witch.

I'm the coolest. :rainbowwild:

८) Anything Savoured says is wrong

Even though I'm always right and deserve a medal for not being gay.

You forgot the rule that requires everyone to call him a faget when they join.

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