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Set Sail
Chapter 17: Editing!
Wordcount: 8258

Chapter 18: Beginning the rough draft.
Wordcount: 1124

Updated 5/22/2024


The Dastardly Duo (also a quick check-in) · 5:20pm March 28th

Recently, I realized that I needed to get some art for the less noble side of Set Sail. Our main villain has existed for years now as nothing more than words on a page and ideas in my head, but now we've got photographic evidence that he exists!

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Through some random turn of events, whether that be a miraculous stroke of luck or a cruel twist of fate, you've landed on this page. My page. My little corner of this magnificently weird website.

What will you find here? Well, aside from the questionably insane fellow over there who may or may not talk your ear off about the weather and why Cheerilee should be the main character of the series, you might also find a story that you'll like. Why not stick around for a while? See the sights and sounds, read the words, have a good time.

Oh, and don't click this link.

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My Own, Home-Grown, Organic, Gluten-Free Horsewords

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I'm everywhere all at once 😎

*gasssssppp* is youu!!!

nibble nom :3 you are awesome x3

Just dropping by to say hello to a great writer!

Did you get my message reply?

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