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Jack of a Few Trades

The Master said, "Fump wallump." And so it was done.

What am I working on?

Learning Curve
Chapter Fifteen: About halfway written. Current Wordcount - 1786

Set Sail
Chapter 6: Outlining begun. Current Wordcount - 0

Updated 11/21/2019


Chapter Five is live! · 8:09pm October 29th

I'm just making a few final checks to make sure everything is good to go, and then we launch.All is good, and the chapter is posted. I can't wait to see what you guys think about it!

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Through some random turn of events, whether that be a miraculous stroke of luck or a cruel twist of fate, you've landed on this page. My page. My little corner of this magnificently weird website.

What will you find here? Well, aside from the questionably insane fellow over there who may or may not talk your ear off about the weather and why Cheerilee should be the main character of the series, you might also find a story that you'll like. Why not stick around for a while? See the sights and sounds, read the words, have a good time.

Oh, and don't click this link.

My Own, Home-Grown, Organic, Gluten-Free Horsewords

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Indeed. It does.
Thank you.

Well hey, I'm glad you found me again! That story means a lot to me, glad to know it meant something to you too :twilightsmile:

No i don't expect you would.
But you see back in 2017 I read a story of yours.
Well not exactly a story... more like a masterpiece.
"Not Another Word."

And i thought that was that.... but it stuck with me.
I don't know why but.... your little slice of brilliant writing got stuck inside my subconscious.
And funnily enough i forgot the name and who wrote it.... until now.

Well, well, well.
After 2 full years... i finally found you again.

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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