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What am I working on?

Set Sail
Chapter 11: Posted!
Chapter 12: Development started. Wordcount: 0

Learning Curve
Officially on hiatus. I do not foresee having time to resume this story until summer.

Updated 2/9/2021


Quick check-in · 8:11pm March 20th

I don't have anything big to report in relation to the site. In the last month and a half since I dropped a chapter, I haven't even gotten to think about writing anything. The constant workload from school and the hunt for employment have completely precluded all personal projects. Hate to say it, but it might be a few more months before you see anything else out of me. Just know that I am not abandoning anything and still fully intend to keep writing here. Those birbs still have a lot

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Through some random turn of events, whether that be a miraculous stroke of luck or a cruel twist of fate, you've landed on this page. My page. My little corner of this magnificently weird website.

What will you find here? Well, aside from the questionably insane fellow over there who may or may not talk your ear off about the weather and why Cheerilee should be the main character of the series, you might also find a story that you'll like. Why not stick around for a while? See the sights and sounds, read the words, have a good time.

Oh, and don't click this link.

Stay in touch!

My Own, Home-Grown, Organic, Gluten-Free Horsewords

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SUPA GOD BLESS!! God loves you, now and forever.

Heh, I love that movie! :rainbowkiss:

You're an awesome possum. 🤗🤗🤗

Books are dumb anyhow. Why read words on a page when you can watch porn instead?

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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