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What am I working on?

Learning Curve
Chapter Fifteen: I'm actually about to write this thing finally! About halfway done. Current Wordcount - 1786

Set Sail
Chapter 11: Planning and plotting. Current Wordcount: 0

Updated 10/22/2020


Thursdays are for the birbs · 6:56am Last Thursday

Hey guys! It's currently super duper late but I have news! Tomorrow marks four months to the day since Chapter 9 dropped. Four months is far too long between updates. How about three months and 29 days?

That's right. Chapter 10 is dropping today!

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Through some random turn of events, whether that be a miraculous stroke of luck or a cruel twist of fate, you've landed on this page. My page. My little corner of this magnificently weird website.

What will you find here? Well, aside from the questionably insane fellow over there who may or may not talk your ear off about the weather and why Cheerilee should be the main character of the series, you might also find a story that you'll like. Why not stick around for a while? See the sights and sounds, read the words, have a good time.

Oh, and don't click this link.

Stay in touch!

My Own, Home-Grown, Organic, Gluten-Free Horsewords

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Buddha only waits three times.

"Incline your ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply your heart to my knowledge," – Proverbs 22:17 (English Standard Version)

tl;dr - follow my lead if you wanna get laid

Healing God bless

  • Viewing 114 - 118 of 118
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