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I'm not sure how many of you actually know this, but I'm a symbiotic existence. I live off of the works of others, absorbing information and ideas like a sponge. Of horsewords.

A horsewords sponge.

Unfortunately, I'm a rather picky horsewords sponge and it's very rare for me to simply grab a fic from the front page and go with it. The same goes with picking a fic from the teeming masses of any particular group. But that's where you guys come in.

I need your help. I want to read your stories because I enjoy reading them. I want to read your stories because they help me come up with something to write and I won't feel like a right asshole for not updating every week. Or two weeks.

Or two months.

So please, in all my capacity as a horseworder, I ask you to leave your fic in one of the folders (and only one, if you don't mind. I hate clutter with a passion.) There will be folders for any fic you'd like an in-depth opinion on. My opinions, because I doubt that they'll deserve to be called reviews, will be sent through PM unless specifically requested to leave them as a comment. They will be entirely honest and will reflect the views of a heartless bastard who has been spoiled for amazing stories since a young age.

I'm also available for prereading or editing. Send me a PM, leave a comment on my user page, or catch me on Skype (still terrasora there).

I look forward to your work!

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There ya go! Eight stories I love, and five I created. That should last you a few days. :twilightsmile:
Please PM me with your opinions on my stories. :twilightsheepish:

I'd be interested to see what you think of Hypothesis Of Collusion. I keep gettting interest for it, it's short, and it might brighten your day.

I'd like it if you could throw in a comment rather than a PM for my story "The Fate of Clover"

...I hope it'll be to your liking. :twilightsmile:

If you haven't read Archmage I HIGHLY suggest you do. It's a TwiLuna ShipFic, but its also more then that. It has a captivating story and it delves further into magic. It explores different branches other then friendship. :raritystarry:

Its absolutely cool 100 :moustache:/ 10 :moustache:

If you have read it tho then...... oh.....

Horsewords sponge.
And now.....
.....I die.....
.....of laughter

I'll have something for ya after work Terra. ^_^'

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