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Noble Cause


Written for a small inter-author challenge of prompt fics, the prompt given here was 'Pinkie Pie exposes a conspiracy'... it's just not quite the one full of shadowy government agencies to the crown that she thought. Instead, it's something much more personal and close to home.

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No Pinkie! You're being tricked! The Milkmen ARE behind it. They're behind it all! And the Organized Mystic Royal Brotherhood of Funny Hats finance them. :trollestia:

And then.... texting happened.

Anyways, pfft. PFFFT. Pft. It was that verbatim. Well, it was okay, jumped around a lot though. And it was just odd at the end. I always thought that a multiship was weird, maybe two pair out of three, but all three? Weird. Very weird. I've never done a tripleship. Ever. Don't believe I ever will. 755789 ^ here got pissed 'cause I didn't.


I have every consumer right to discontinue use of any product I feel is defective ot otherwise not meeting particular needs which I may have. Still watch your other shippy story.

And besides, a triple ship is hardly difficult to conceive: if the individual elements can be rationally posited then the combined elements are simply a matter of probability calculation. :twistnerd:



Science and math, bitch, it WORKS!


I'm well aware of what a meme is... I haven't been on the internet for the last two decades for nothing.

And sorry for the delay in the reply, I had to recover from your abject stupidity. I had better things to do, like knitting.

Not sure whether to smile or cry.

Yup, this story is cute. Great work and greened thumbed!

"I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious"


*bro-hooves for getting the reference*


I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting THAT! Great job keeping the suspense throughout and the surprise, well, surprising :pinkiegasp:


Oh Luna, it's the author of one of my favorite fics... eeeee :pinkiehappy:

*explodes from happiness*

This story so great i earn a green thumb and a fav and a :moustache:


Hey, thanks! And thanks for the watch, too!

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