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A wise man will always fear three things. The storm on the sea, the moon in the night, and the anger of a gentle soul.

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How to earn my comment/read of your story in a few easy steps.

1 - Write a TaviScratch.
2 - Make sure I discover it.
3 - Make it appealing enough that I want to read it.
4 - Wait.

Seriously, I'm a sucker for TaviScratch stories. You may even get a watch if you impress me! (Not that there's a lot of prestige in it)


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"Pretence" update schedule · 3:24pm November 12th

To those of you who follow my story "Pretence", you might have noted in the AN of the newest chapter that I mentioned that I would try to upload around once a month. I would like to amend that, as I've come to realise that, however much I would like to, I don't think I can keep that promise.

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