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A wise man will always fear three things. The storm on the sea, the moon in the night, and the anger of a gentle soul.

Pretence Updates & Relevant Info

October 23rd 2018

  • Outline for Chapter 16 100% complete.
  • Writing for Chapter 16 30%

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How to earn my comment/read of your story in a few easy steps.

1 - Write a TaviScratch.
2 - Make sure I discover it.
3 - Make it appealing enough that I want to read it.
4 - Wait.

Seriously, I'm a sucker for TaviScratch stories. You may even get a watch if you impress me! (Not that there's a lot of prestige in it)


Pretence Chapter - Upload now, or wait? · 9:19pm September 14th

Hey guys, just a quick question. I have a chapter almost entirely finished, but my friend & editor Taranasaurus is having a bit of a busy time, and so haven't had time to help the last couple weeks.

So I want to ask you guys, if you want the chapter uploaded, even if it's not 100% edited (we had a first sweep, waiting for the second), or if you would rather wait however long it takes until Tarana is no longer busy, and has time to go through it? It's up to you guys.

- Kapuchu!

Report Kapuchu · 61 views · Story: Pretence ·

Wanna know why I love the Brony Fandom?

Stuff like this is why.

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I actually have something to brag about, y'know? Something completely worthless, but awesome nonetheless.

Y'see, children, I was the second person Skeeter the Lurker ever followed.

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