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The Discordian Games, released tomorrow!

This group will be the central hub to the various Original Character Tournaments that will be run. Rather than the possible uncertainties of a GDoc or the tedium of various private messages, this group will allow for better conversation between organizers, judges, and participants.

As well, future tournaments will be planned here, where we'll be open for discussions and concerns, questions and opinions. We will also, in time, post threads giving you tips on how to make solid, interesting characters and better action sequences. As that's part of the purpose behind the tournaments themselves.

I'd like to invite any and all participants to drop stories involving their characters here. While I doubt I'll make a group profile for posting the tournaments themselves, this will also work as a repository for the various releases.

For the time being, there are no real developed rules here, as I figure out exactly what all I want offered through this group.

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How may I request a backup list entry?

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