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Welcome to Twenty Great Stories!

This is a group built around a review process. Stories can be nominated as Great. When they are, The Great Story Cabal (also known as the admins of this group) discuss, vote, and eventually determine whether we, as a group, think that story is great.

We do not have content restrictions. That might change in the future, but at the moment, anything can be nominated.

Anyone can nominate one story at a time. Voting periods are currently two weeks (or when all Cabal members have voted, whichever comes first), because all of us in the Cabal are rather busy with taking over the world. (Details about rules are in the forum, and the rules are not set in stone by any means. The Great Story Cabal aims to be the fairest, most intuitive set of global overlords and overladies ever. We are equal opportunity employers. Offer void in Utah.)

If a story makes it through voting, it goes into the Main folder. When there's twenty stories and we get a new one, we retire one of the current twenty into the Past Greats folder.

IF YOU WANT TO READ GREAT STORIES WITH NO EFFORT ON YOUR PART: Just join the group and turn off forum notifications. We'll be adding stories very rarely, so when you see that Twenty Great Stories has added a story to the main folder, you'll know it was discussed and examined by impartial, objective benevolent overfolk, and will likely be a worthy read.

IF YOU WANT TO NOMINATE: When you see a NOMINATIONS thread in the forum, just pop into it and respond to it with the link for the story and a blurb if you'd like. (If you don't supply one, we'll use the one the author added as a description.) The bare minimum is the link to the story.

IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AT THE VOTING DISCUSSION: Feel free! Even participate. The GSC reserves the right to ban those who, to use a term, "disturb the peace". That may seem unfair. However, all these processes are subject to change; it's simply the rule At This Moment, In Case There's Trouble. We'll probably have stronger rules later.

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We of the benevolent and all-powerful Great Story Cabal like to think so. :raritywink:

Seriously, though, it's been part of my intention from the start of this, that there's no permanent rejection. I love stories, and as much as I'd like to make a list of the best ones, I know that list will rotate over time, and stories get edited, and sometimes one read doesn't get the greatness of a story soaked into your brain properly.


Great stories aren't necessarily going to shy away from explicit content, outrageous content, or even strange content.

Now, admittedly -- I'm not ruling out the possibility there could be content restrictions in the future. I simply didn't want to start with them, because rules are a lot harder to get rid of than to make.

Having said all that: So far we're passing very few stories. Most of the stories nominated do not get in, even when some of us like the story.

The good news is that stories are never eliminated permanently. Ever. They get their voting period, and if they don't get in, they can be re-nominated later on. The point is that we aren't going to outright deny the possibility that the story will become great, or that the story has a hidden greatness we do not see immediately.

I like giving the benefit of the doubt, at least to start. :twilightsmile:


We have no content restrictions at the moment. :twilightsmile:

Hoooooboy. Okay! So, first: Councils are for the good of things. Cabals are shadowy and work from the shadows and have extra shadowy shadows.

We (the admins here) are a Cabal. We vote on the stories. I selected all the other Cabal members, as an experiment. I wanted to see if me and five other people (whose opinions I respect) could sort of winnow down and pick out some Definitively Great Stories.

We're still in the experimental phase, so you'll see a lot of enriched plutonium laying around. (Please do not stack it. That would be very bad.) There will also be some doomsday weapons and a fair bit of drywall plaster.

In short: We don't yet have a new member hazing process. We've got a spiffy name for it, but that's all. Right now, I want to see how the votes come out, and whether any of the nominated stories are going to get "in". The voting can take up to a week, and that's intentional, since everybody workin' this thing has an RL they still have to attend to occasionally.

I volunteer to be part of the council

315365 again, I suppose you are right

315364 well, not all of the fandom, but a lot, certainly

315363 quite so
I think most things are overrated though :trixieshiftright:
Our fandom has a tendency to blow things out of their normal proportions, even more so than real life.

315353 personally, I think those two are good, and that's my opinion, but that shouldn't stand in the way of us getting along.:twilightsmile:

315346 indeed it is

315190 two of those are pure shite and massively overrated .-.

I think it goes a bit beyond just writing stories here.

S'far as I've understood, Cola needs to set up a sort of councel that will take a look at some stories and see which they think are the best. And said "council" isn't up yet.

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