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This is a message to all of the creatures of the world from the King of Changelings, Aurus Marz. You are hereby invited to compete in a tournament unlike any other ever held, a tournament with no equal: The Unity Games.

If you find solace in your strengths, and wish to prove yourself, look no further. Step forward into the ancient sands of our arena and show all of the nations of our world what you are capable of.

You will fight great battles against the worthy champions of other nations, gaining renown and glory for your victories, and respect from your adversaries in battles well fought, should you fall. This is a test of your cunning, tenacity, and courage unlike any you have ever known. Be you a great warrior, a skilled assassin, or a powerful mage, the gates of this arena will be open to you.

All of this is to one glorious end: that the peoples of our world be able to witness the true power that all others possess. It will make every creature wiser, and between the nations who grapple for glory it will forge the bonds of camaraderie in the fires of honorable battle. In witnessing the might of our neighbors pitted against our own, our respect and understanding of them will grow.

So if you think yourself mighty, bring your skills to the dust of our arena. Millions of throats will cry your name as you champion your race. Show the world the power you have gained, that they might better know your people as worthy warriors and unshakable allies. Through your might, we will ensure an even brighter future for all.

For the creature who proves mightiest, one final duel awaits. You will face the champion of Aurus Lightbringer's choosing in one final battle that the history of all nations will sing of through the eons.

Bring your courage, Champions of Unity. The world cannot wait to behold you.

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322182 Don't worry, I already got a cease and desist email on that project

305240 In that case, feel free to mark me as "unwilling." At no point in entering this contest did I sign away the rights to my character, and I absolutely do not approve of someone using it without my permission. I'm not interested in simply handing off my creation to someone I don't even know for some "project" where I have no involvement with how my creation is used or portrayed.

305261 Oh.

Well, for future reference, my OC is kind of a...well, a doorknob. He's really dense.

He's also a smashing violinist.

To your requests I answer: "Nope, because that was the original intention of asking everyone if I could use their oc's"

305240 Cool.

Would it be too much to ask that you consult me on how my OC would react to given situations?

actually, i had gotten the go ahead from razor saying I don't need anyone's permission, since essentially he own's everyone's OC...

However, it is appreciated, when I get to story, art and what not, I at least know whom willingly lets me use the oc's they controlled. That way I can get it close to right in the player's eyes

299856 I know I'm WAY late to this party

But sure, go right ahead.

Dear all, chances of you reading this is slightly slim.
But, if I was able to make a JRPG who's premise revolves around the Unity Games, would any of you allow me to include your champ?
If anyone wants to know what I will be doing with this, / how far I am in makeing it (not very actually) You can message me about it.

Have we hit the time cut-off for duels?

so how many of the round one duels have ended?

submit a candidate, let razorbeam screen you, if you pass, he'll let you know

297316 nah just a spectator :ajsmug:

So how would one... Qualify?

297252 oh come on, just try! it's hella' fun let me tell ya

This sounds Interesting :ajsmug:

Eh, I'll stick around for the show. I would have submitted an OC if it was in character, but eh. I'll just sneak into the comments and watch the fun from there.

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