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Visionary Verse Vidjagame aka "Unite the Vision." · 9:54pm Feb 10th, 2013

So as the three (three being Edward, Onyx, and wukong) of you *might* know, I am in progress of making a visionary / unity games based video game.
Helrumyc has asked as to how complete I am
Here is the list of things I want / need to do, before the game is complete

01) Game Name - The name I thought up Razorbeam isn't much of a fan of, but for now I am sticking with it.
02) UI / menus - I have the code for the keyboard interactivity

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Epic Reading / Audiobook for HoaD - On Hiatus

Update from so long ago
I have all of the narration done, but I don't yet have any good voices for the roles, but a new project is much more important to me, so look up

If you got here because of a blog post by my pal (or drunken idol?) Razorbeam, then you might want to help me do voicing for Heart of a Dragon

As of (before I am aware of Razorbeam giving any notification to y'all about me, so 02:39 GMT on 14/8/2012) I am looking for anyone to any of the following roles located in the module below.

If you want a role in question, PM / comment / what-have-you, and I'll try to get back to you in a timely fashion.
Also, when I have found someone seemingly perfect for a role, I'll update this module with that information, hardening it in stone.

Finally, my email via gmail (quite possibly being the best way of contacting me) is:

Eventually I'll have a public google docs folder for audition submissions
(.... maybe?)

This will be my constant updates on the CSP:HoaD-ER

This right here will eventually contain links to the documents for the
Calvary Studios Presents: The Heart of a Dragon - the Epic Reading

It will list everyone that is auditioning (along with links to their page), and for what parts they are auditioning for. Note, this is not to discourage anyone, just inform everyone of everyone's participation. Why? Because community rocks.

((for the moment, every url goes to google, because the future me is slightly lazy))

Any of the roles
>Razorbeam (He's the author, so he gets added even if it might be against his will.

>Out of Place



Twilight Sparkle






Mr. Crumble

Mrs. Crumble

Construction Foreman

Construction team

Steel Guantlet
> Arcanon

The Doc

The children's teacher

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I'm gonna try Construction Foreman and Mr. Crumble's lines too... maybe. My plan is audition for a ton of roles, and then leave it to you, Doornb... Doorknobs, to sort out the higher quality from the baked bads.


If I find during the audition that you could do a good job voicing a different role (Such as Luna or one of the main four in the story) I'll suggest that at you.

I originally had planned that only one person would do all of the guard's lines, however since they are popular I'll most likely split it up per chapter.

Of course not, talent isn't dictated by location. Because if it does my friend and the only reason why you now know of me wouldn't be a good author since he (like myself) is from Bumb-fuck-nowhere Michigan USA

Wow, this is awesome :pinkiehappy:

I got a question though: Does it matter where I live? I suppose not, but I just wanna make sure.

If not, I'd like to try to voice one of the guards. I've never been in a voice-acting-project before, but I participated in a few theaters of my community and always thought it was fun.

edit: Now that I think about it, I'd like to audition for Spike as well, if that's ok. I don't expect anything, but I wouldn't mind to give it a try.

Go ahead and put me on the audition lists for Spike and the Guard(s). By the way, I could easily do more than one guard, if you'd like. :pinkiehappy:

i would be able to voice guards and/or construction crew. i have a flexible voice so i can do whatever is required :pinkiehappy:

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